Updated Apr 05, 2018

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IYSERT Hybrid Energy Systems

Providing Solar, Wind, Biomass, and Generator combinations to provide sustainable energy solutions for local communities

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Stage 6: Sustainable Scale

The main solutions Solar Generator, Solar Lighting, Bio Generator and Vertical Axis Wind Turbine has already been implemented

Focus Areas:

Energy, Entrepreneurship and Urbanization

Energy, Entrepreneurship and UrbanizationSEE LESS

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IYSERT believes that renewable energy based electricity should be available to each and everyone and the best part is its not only Eco-friendly but abundantly available. There has been a limitation in India to provide customized, small and medium scale renewable energy solutions. Therefore, many parts of the communities are deprived of access to energy.



The innovative solutions collectively are capable of catering for different parts of the community based on energy resource availability. Solar lighting solutions cater for non-grid connected areas providing night lighting catering for community safety. Furthermore, the wind, solar, and biomass electricity generation units support different community entities based on the scale and the need.

Target Beneficiaries

Solutions are intended to serve all communities but specifically focussing on non-grid integrated rural communities in India.

Mission and Vision

To provide this innovation to each and every person in India, at initial to implement in local communities and is expanding into other communities surrounding its origin. Furthermore, to encourage communities to embrace customized renewable energy solutions.

Innovation Description

The products outline which combines to deliver solutions to the above problem identified is as follows,

  • Inbuilt solar street Lights

  • On Grid /Off grid solar rooftop Solar Power system

  • Solar Parking & Solar Housing Projects

  • Solar Tree & Grid Connection system

  • BIO PURE TECHNOLOGY ( Generate Electricity , Gas & Bio manure)

  • Vertical Axis Wind Turbines

IYSERT provides smart hybrid solar systems with latest technology including high efficiency panels, manufactured in their own workshops, including a smart hybrid UPS inverter with latest technology of WiFi( Lan /Wan / Andr. App) monitoring system for above 5 kw. This facility is provided in both ongrid and offgrid system at an affordable price. The wind power solution has a great demand in rural as well as in urban sector in India. It has proved to be one of the best means to save and reduce electricity bill in market which is expanding till Andaman and Nicobars islands. IYSERT has also successfully launched a one time solution for street lights which has a great demand due to the savings in electricity at an affordable price.

Competitive Advantage

The products are customized to serve a range of purposes relating to the identified needs of the community. Therefore, ISYSERT has the competitive advantage in the local community as well as surrounding communities.

Planned Goals and Milestones

The next step is to combine these generation units to serve for larger communities and for longer terms while including multiple energy sources.
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