Updated May 19, 2018

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Harnessing Faith for Science! Akbar combines the Islamic identity with medicalproblem solving for mankind by generating cryptocurrency with computers, which create solutions for human disease by simulating protein folding!

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Bernard Lim

Stage 1 : Ideation

We have not had our prototype ready, as we are raising funds. Once we have hit our funding targets, we will launch our White Paper and Initial Coin Offering and start to market it widely.

Focus Areas:

Blockchain, Financial Sector & Investment, Medical Devices and 1 MoreSEE ALL

Blockchain, Financial Sector & Investment, Medical Devices and Social & Micro FinanceSEE LESS

Implemented In:


SingaporeSEE LESS

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Many people are enthralled by cryptocurrencies but do not feel attracted to use it because they are highly unstable and do not appeal to them emotionally. For cryptocurrencies to be adopted widely, three factors need to be in play: a) good technology, with high transaction speeds, b) good use case, where there is a compelling need for humans to switch, and c) human identity and culture association. For adoption we needto refocus on the identity and culture associated with the crypto$.



Akbar. It combines the Islamic identity with medical problem solving. Muslims worldwide will be attracted to use an Islamic cryptocurrencyfor payments. By mining the coin with their computers, they are simulating protein folding and creating solutions to human illnesses, like cancers and Alzheimer's Disease. Also, shariah law states that cryptocurrency is not halal. Akbar gives Muslims a chance to own shariah-friendly cryptocurency. Harnessing Faith for Science!

Target Beneficiaries

Muslims, all mankind who suffer from human illnesses.

Mission and Vision

Harnessing faith for science! Create a true ecosystem where generators of Akbar can spend the coin at companies for goods and services, but also help humanity by solving medical problems.

Innovation Description

It makes cryptocurrencies shariah-friendly. It also allows believers of a religious faith to identify with a cryptocurrency for a good cause, by getting rewarded with cryptocurrency when computers are used to simulate protein folding, which occurs in ourhumanbodies. This helps to create solutions to cancer, Alzheimer's Disease, etc, towards a disease-free world. We are working with Stanford University's Folding Coin technology.

Competitive Advantage

No coin in the world has branded itself with the identity of a human religion yet. And we are the first coin to brand us with a religious identity that represents allbelievers and also claims to help solve present-day medical problems!

Planned Goals and Milestones

We have connections with the Muslim communities in Canada, Indonesia, Singapore. We will use these national platforms as stepping stones to promote the coin within the communities, and then we will expand. After launching the currency through an Initial Coin Offering to the public and accredited investors, we will use the money generated to launch marketing events and encourage people to generate IslamCoin by employing national opinion leaders to promote our coin.

Funding Goal30,000,000
New Implemented CountriesCanada, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore
Recruit3 Business Development, 4 Legal Advisers, 3 Sales and Marketing, 1 Finance, 3 Religious Advisers, 10 Brand Evangelists
New FeatureSolve every type of human disease there is!


Date Unknown
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