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Integrated moringa value chain

Improving lives through the moringa tree

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Kwami Williams

Stage 5: Scaling

We have been in operations for 4 years, and were able to establish our business model. We are currently raising funds to scale sustainably in order to meet demand and sustain our impact on rural households above Ghana.

Focus Areas:

Agriculture, Economic Growth and Trade and Environment

Agriculture, Economic Growth and Trade and EnvironmentSEE LESS

Funds Raised to Date


MoringaConnect exists to tackle two key problems: 1) Nearly 1 billion people worldwide are affected by severe hunger and poverty. Many are farmers who rely on small plots of land (about one to two acres) for their food and income. 2) “Across the world, Severe Acute Malnutrition is the largest killer of children under five years of age, contributing to nearly half of all childhood deaths” (UNICEF). In Ghana, more than 20% of children is stunted.



We’ve built the first vertically integrated supply chain to improve farmer livelihood and turn their underutilized moringa into clean beauty products and into nutritious beverages and snacks. We connect farmers to the training and inputs they need to grow moringa; teach them how to integrate moringa into their everyday diets; serve as a guaranteed market, increasing their incomes by 4x-10x; produce moringa seed oil and leaf powder;and distribute our products across seven countries.

Target Beneficiaries

With our vertically integrated supply chain we are targeting all small scale farmers living below the poverty line where moringa and other underutilized botanicals grow. With our model we provide a solution to lift them out of poverty by adding values to products that can grow in their backyard. On the global market we target responsible and environmentally conscious consumers that demand healthier, sustainable organic certified products.

Mission and Vision

MoringaConnect’s mission is to improve lives through the moringa tree. MoringaConnect’s vision is to create a world powered by moringa. A world where smallholder farmers improve their nutrition and increase their incomes through the moringa tree and consumers globally enjoy moringa-powered products daily. We aim to sustainably commercialize the moringa tree and create a replicable model that improves the livelihoods of farmers and our consumers globally.

Innovation Description

Our model is best understood exploring our value chain from farm to consumer: Akosua Krah is a mother of four, widow, and one acre peanut farmer in New Longoro, Ghana. She attended a community meeting run by MoringaConnect’s extension officer, where she learned about how the moringa tree in her backyard could become a source of 4-10X her income. She enrolled at the end of the meeting, was interviewed to confirm her past farming experience, her land was GPS mapped, and she received technical training and seedlings to launch her a one acre moringa farm. Her relationship with MoringaConnect is formalized with a signed contract guaranteeing her a market for the seeds and leaves from her trees and a yearly bonus. In 3 months, Akosua harvested her first yield of moringa leaves and in 12 months her first moringa seeds. By year five she will be earning about $5000 from her one acre farm. Her leaf produce is processed into leaf powder and seeds into oil at MoringaConnect’s factory in Accra. The powder is packaged for bulk sales to food brands and into a tea product branded Minga Foods. The oil is packaged for bulk sales to hair and skin care companies and into a retail line of oil serums branded True Moringa.

Competitive Advantage

We are shifting the paradigm of extractive and unethical sourcing by creating a new kind of supply chain with consideration for those at every stage -from farming to processing to branding and global market distribution.This vision has inspired us to actively listen to the needs of farming communities and provide financing for farms, training, and risk mitigation through a guaranteed market for all they produce. It has inspired us to create value-added processing in-country, creating jobs and stimulating the local economy, and to create products in Africa for Africans.We turn would-be competitors into collaborators - we supply moringa to major natural brands (i.e. Kuli Kuli, Axiology, Greenvines, Aveda). Our agronomy practices decrease harvest time by over 100%, our proprietary processing systems create higher quality moringa, and with the launch of Africa’s largest moringa farm this year, we are uniquely poised to introduce moringa to the mass market, increasing farmer incomes by 10x.

Planned Goals and Milestones

We are investing in farming operations to scale our organic certified moringa farm. Here, we build the irrigation infrastructure and provides the inputs that ensure farmer success.We partner with largely widows and single mothers on the farm to cultivate moringa. At scale, we will have planted over 4.5M trees sequestering over 117,500 tons of carbon/year. By Q32018 we will launch a new line of snack foods powered by moringa leaf powder to make consuming healthy food easier and cheaper
Funding Goal700,000
New Implemented CountriesBurkina Faso, Nigeria, Cote d'Ivoire, Togo
Recruit3 management, 3 Technical positions, 150 production officers and farm hands


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