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Instant Warm Blanket - Life Saving Warmth Packed in a Bag

Instant, Portable, Non-electric Warm Blanket for preventing hypothermia in new born children, specifically during transport from remote locations to higher centers.


Parisodhana Technologies

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Stage 4: Transition to Scale

200+ neonates are supported with NeoWarm in 6 states of India. Clinicians and administrators both see tremendous potential in NeoWarm to prevent hypothermia during transport. From an average of 1 neonate/day, we plan to support 25-30 per day in 2020

Focus Areas:

Maternal Newborn and Child Health and Transport & Supply Chains

Maternal Newborn and Child Health and Transport & Supply ChainsSEE LESS

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Many children born in remote areas (neonates), especially premature and low birth weight, are transported to well equipped higher centers. However, it is observed that more than 50% of these transported babies were found to be hypothermic at the time of admission, which further leads to morbidity and mortality. Lack of transport warmers, well equipped ambulances, trained support staff (nurses) and neonatologists in remote areas leads to higher mortality rates in LBW/premature babies in LMICs.



Parisodhana developed an instant, portable, non-electric warm blanket, NeoWarm, to prevent hypothermia in neonates, especially during transport from remote centers to higher centers. NeoWarm can maintain a baby contact surface temperature of 37± 1°C within 10 minutes, for up to 8 hours.

Target Beneficiaries

Low birth weight and premature newborn children are direct beneficiaries, specifically those located in remote areas, areas difficult to reach and access and those who require transport from remote locations to well equipped higher centers. LMICs with higher neonatal mortality rates; limited funds and infrastructure to avail transport warmers can utilize NeoWarm to prevent hypothermia in Neonates and safely transport them to higher centers, this helps meet respective SDG commitments in NMR.

Mission and Vision

Parisodhana team is on a mission to "Support a Million New Born Children" in near future within India and other LMICs. Our vision is to help India and other LMICs meet their SDGs on Neonatal Mortality Rates in short term and ensure no life is lost due to hypothermia during transport.

Innovation Description

NeoWarm is an instant, portable, non-electric warm blanket to prevent hypothermia in new born children especially during transport from a remote location to a higher center. NeoWarm essentially has two parts, NeoWarm - Heating Element - which is non-electric and does not contain any batteries or materials that require recharging with electricity or hot water. NeoWarm - Wrap is designed in such a way that once the activated heating element is placed inside the pocket on the rear side of this wrap - maintains a contact surface temperature of 37± 1 ° C for up to 8 hours. NeoWarm provides: Right Care: 37±1° C for up to 8 hours with no fire hazards or accidental burns Breastfeeding compatible Right Place: Non-electric and air activated making it useful at any place or any vehicle Portable – weighs ~500g; Right Time: Truly instant and no need for recharging No maintenance or downtime (No mechanical parts or batteries); NeoWarm is acknowledged by Neonatologists, Gynecologists and Pediatricians as a great substitute to radiant warmers at locations with sporadic power supply, non-functional warmers due to delayed maintenance/repair

Competitive Advantage

NeoWarm Unlike any other product is; Truly Instant (Gets activated upon exposure to air and ready for use within 10-15 minutes) Non-electric (Does not require electricity for charging like some products or even to warm water to charge the heating element) Portable (Weighs ~500g) Does not require any special training or maintenance to the nursing staff or volunteers or non-facility or facility base health workers such as ASHA workers in India. Overcomes the two major challenges with gel-based reusable blankets: Being a single use product - completely eliminates the possibility of cross infection. In case of transport, NeoWarm eliminates the need to bring the used blanket back to (return after use) remote centers, a major challenge with reusable blankets. NeoWarm also eliminates the need for large one time investment and makes logistics simple Increases the certainty of support even if there are multiple simultaneous deliveries at a remote locations.

Planned Goals and Milestones

From an average of one neonate a day, Parisodhana envisions to support 25-30 neonates a day in 2020-2021. With right funding support, will attempt to Support A Million Newborn Children, specifically low birth weight and premature babies in India and other LMICs. Scale up of production and expansion of Neowarm presence in 10 major states in India and at least two more LMI countries. Two state governments in India have already carried out formal trials and orders are expected in FY 2020-2021.
Funding Goal2,000,000
Projected Cumulative Lives Impacted100,000
New Implemented CountriesEthiopia, Papua New Guinea, Nepal, India, Zambia
RecruitState Head and State Coordinator for each state (Public Health) in India, Country Head for each Country and a Rural Entrepreneurship Head, A Statistician, A Sustainability Coordinator, Quality Control Head, Multiple On Field Coordinators and Manufacturing Team
New FeatureExplore possibility to use fully recyclable or completely biodegradable packaging materials for NeoWarm - heating element and NeoWarm - Wrap

The Team Behind the Innovation

Supported primarily by his sisters, who believed in the vision of, Dr. Satyanarayana Kuchibhatla co-founded Parisodhana Technologies with his batch mate from IIT Bombay and a long term collaborator Dr. Ajay Karakoti. Both of them, Ph.D.s from UCF, Orlando, FL and trained at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, USA. Mrs. Aruna, Dr. Archana, Dr. Suhasini, Ms. Selvi and Dr. Rupalee are key female members along with experts in critical care, neonatal and public health, manufacturing and business.



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TITLEInstant Warm Blanket - Life Saving Warmth Packed in a Bag
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