Updated Sep 05, 2019

Innovation Economy

Working to help build the #InnovationEconomy worldwide


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Stage 2: Research & Development


I and many of the people I'm networking with realize that innovation is so important to future growth and that it must happen at scale to have real impact on the economy where it is being created. My startup is working to scale this understanding and build connections that will create more sharing of ideas and knowledge about the best ways to accelerate innovation growth.

Innovation Description

The solution starts with finding great partners to use InnovationEconomy.Com, .EU, .AFRICA, .ASIA, .UK, .FR, .DE, .IT, .ES, .NL, .CH, .DK, .SE, .PT, .BE, .CO, .CN, .JP, .IN, .KR, .SG, .TV, .AE, .QA, .SC, .London, .Paris & more. Once this is well underway we will be developing a mobile app for individuals in these continents, countries, and cities to better capture and selectively share their ideas as they advance into innovations and even into inventions that may be protected under relevant patent laws. Along the way the app will provide feedback and suggestions as ML & AI capability is developed.

Competitive Advantage

The branding as the "Innovation Economy" is what provides our unique perspective. We make the case for innovation at scale right in our name.