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IHI, a Tanzanian research institution, and In2Care BV, a Dutch social enterprise developing and scaling technologies for development, are collaborating to commercialize research. The partners are scaling up a mosquito control technology (“Eave Tubes”) that was developed and field tested with European Union funding in Kilombero, Tanzania. Eave Tubes are plastic pipes (‘tubes’) which are fitted in walls underneath the roof of houses ‘eaves’. Mosquito entry is prevented by insecticide-treated electrostatic netting fitted inside the tube. For modern buildings in peri-urban areas the program has developed the ‘eave brick’ that can be inserted in the space of individual bricks. This mosquito control technology has the following advantages: (1) reduces indoor mosquito densities by 85-90%; (2) the unique piece of electrostatic netting kills 100% of the mosquitoes contacting it even 7 months after treatment with WHO-recommended insecticides; 3) kills even insecticide-resistant mosquitoes; 4) protects the entire household; and (5) uses very small amount of netting and insecticide per house, 95% less than a bed net making this a green and a ffordable approach. The vision is to accomplish a broad uptake of Eave Tubes/ Bricks in Tanzania and beyond to maximize impact on malaria transmission.


May 2015
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