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TeleTaleem's ILMunate is bridging learning gaps in schools (mainly girls schools) using technology and innovation, by connecting specialist teachers to remote marginalized schools providing daily lessons in core subjects of English, Math and Science.


Khurram Sultan

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Stage 4: Transition to Scale

TeleTaleem has implemented ILMunate in approx 150 schools. Evidence collected through research has demonstrated significant learning effects in comparison to control group, both for online teaching as well as teachers training models.

Focus Areas:

Education and Digital Inclusion & Connectivity

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Schools in poor and marginalized areas in Pakistan find it difficult to find quality teachers. Also, the teachers who teach at such schools need frequent practical advice and demonstrations to help them improve their teaching – often in multi-grade classrooms, while monitoring and evaluation of teaching practices is also lacking. This level of support can be difficult and expensive to provide via traditional programmes.



To improve learning outcomes of children at the primary level, TeleTaleem connects teachers and children in schools with remotely located specialist teachers. A remote online teacher delivers classes for English, Math & Science on a daily basis at the school. The same ‘remote’ approach is used to provide regular teachers training and support during off-school hours.

Target Beneficiaries

Children in Grades K-5 both directly through direct teaching (Grades 4-5) and teachers training (K-3) in key areas of early grade literacy and numeracy. At-least 60% of our target children will be Girls.

Mission and Vision

Improving learning outcomes for the largest possible number of primary school children. Schools in rural and peri-urban Pakistan are operating with less than half the min. required number of teachers. TeleTaleem aims to bridge this number and quality gap by providing specialist teachers connected online with schools. Targeting schools in both private and public sector (where this gap is even higher), TeleTaleem intends to become their first choice for acquisition of quality teaching services.

Innovation Description

Every school is equipped with a digital classroom, comprising of a laptop, LCD TV, mic/camera and power backup system. Using wireless internet, these digital classrooms are connected live to specialist teachers/teacher trainers, sitting in remote facilities to deliver online teaching and training sessions. During school hours, a specialist teacher uses the online facility to directly teach primary grade students, interacting remotely through the technology enabled classroom. Teaching covers English, Maths and Science for Grades 4 & 5 students, with online classes conducted on a daily basis. Multiple classrooms are virtually aggregated and served by a single online teacher. Homework and tests are conducted on weekly/monthly basis, uploaded online for review/grading by the online teacher. Local teacher provides limited facilitation where required; freed up to dedicate additional contact time with other grades/subjects. A remote teacher trainer conducts training of the local teachers, using the same digital classroom (in off-school hours). Training targets early grade reading and numeracy competencies of local teachers, for improved teaching capacity in Grades K-3. Training sessions (of 3 to 4 hours’ duration) are conducted every month, in sync with the curriculum coverage inside the classroom. As before, multiple digital classrooms (acting as training centers now) are virtually aggregated; a single trainer serving a cohort of 15-20 teachers (spread over multiple locations).

Competitive Advantage

TeleTaleem has a unique instructional model, supported by ICT, to effectively teach students in a multigrade-multiple classroom scenario – a challenging requirement. Fixed and mobile ICT infrastructure to deliver teaching services to schools in any location. Online access to quality teachers based in metros, backed by continuous training and quality assurance.The online teacher is consistently striving to effectively utilize the instructional time, by involving students in reading/recitation, instructions/explanations, Q&A/discussion, drill & practice of the learned concepts for reinforcement. Moreover, the teacher provides appropriate support in assigning/completing student’s classwork/ assignments and homework. Conducting formative assessments is part of the classroom practice to better inform the learning process. Special emphasis is invested on development of soft-skills of the student, in terms of confidence building, mannerism and communication skills.

Planned Goals and Milestones

Increasing outreach to more schools; developing additional support for inclusive education; upgrading technology platform for cost effectiveness and scalability; explore markets out side Pakistan, specially in Africa.
Funding Goal1,000,000
New Implemented CountriesPakistan


Feb 2019
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Feb 2018
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ORGANIZATIONPakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund
Aug 2014
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Learning Boost - Early Grade Literacy and Numeracy teachers training program developed
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