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Hydroponics Kenya

Hydroponic systems and medium


Peter Gichuku

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Stage 5: Scaling

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Access to water in the surburb areas of kenya and major urban centres is quite low and the water that I gotten in this areas is unhygeninc water posing health challenges to the residents and people s=]who live in this surburb areas



Maji Milele offers bottled water and water points for this households in specific regions giving the clean and treated water for household use and consumption

Target Beneficiaries

Farmers in arid and semi arid areas

Mission and Vision

Mission: Themission is to introduce simple and affordable hydroponic farming solutions to every African household to help them increase food production, incomes and improve health condition. Vision: The vision is to feed all of Africa’s people through a portfolio of sustainable hydroponic farming methods, creating enduring value, abundance and opportunities to all. To solve the food crisis in Africa

Innovation Description

Hydroponics Kenya is the pioneer initiator of hydroponic farming technology in East and Central Africa.The company specializes in the manufacturing, installation and marketing of customized hydroponic fodder and vegetable systems to help small and medium holder farmers have access to a high quality, cost-effective and sustainable way of farming. Hydroponic farming entails growing crops using mineral nutrient solutions in water thus reducing the need for soil. Our modern and innovative farming technology is resilient to climate change, provides superior nutritional value and faster growth at limited cost of input.


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