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Ogma Scientific, Inc. | High-throughput microbial technologies and solutions

Ogma Scientific provides high-throughput (HTP) microbial solutions for industrial ecosystems. We reduce the deadly human and environmental costs resulting from unwanted microbial activity within the agricultural, oil and gas, and mining industries.

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Jennie Tian

Stage 4: Transition to Scale

Last year, Ogma secured three contracts with leading oil and gas, microbiome, and chemical companies for screening services. In addition to scaling this business, we are fundraising for field trials to validate our IP to scale our IP business.

Focus Areas:

Agriculture, Energy and Natural Resources

Agriculture, Energy and Natural ResourcesSEE LESS

Implemented In:

United States

United StatesSEE LESS

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Unwanted microbial activity costs the oil and gas, agricultural, and mining industries $200B annually in capital, human, and environmental damages from pipeline corrosion, agricultural run-off, and acid mine drainage. Currently, most environmental industries rely on low-throughput (LTP) cultivation which limits the knowledge space within which treatment strategies can be identified. This leads to the state-of-the-art treatments being sub-optimally effective, costly, and ecologically harmful.



Ogma is currently the only company working to develop IP-enabled HTP microbial solutions to target biosouring, fertilizer efficiency, and acid mine drainage. Our throughput is 100s of thousands higher than any in-house research team and provides reliable results while costing only 75% than industry standard biocides, which has enabled our founders to hold IP on biosouring treatments. Upon field-validation, this IP will become the foundation for our first full package product.

Target Beneficiaries

Ogma aims to serve communities affected by microbial issues that arise from environmental industries by improving how energy, food, and other resources foundational to human society are produced. Our business model is based on enabling companies to be more socially and environmentally friendly by deploying more effective microbial management strategies. We want to provide solutions to the massive issues the environmental industries currently assume to be sunk costs.

Mission and Vision

Ogma wants to make the impact of the human species on Earth more sustainable. As global population increases, the need for more efficient food production, energy usage, and environmental preservation increases dramatically. So many of the big issues that impact how people live are caused by interactions between microbes on a massive scale. We have expertise in sculpting microbial communities in the environmental sciences, and think we’ve found something that can tip the scale.

Innovation Description

We apply a unique mix of HTP chemical screening, data analysis, and environmental microbiology expertise to identify actionable solutions that will increase the efficiency of environmental industrial processes to create a sustainable food, energy, and material supply for the future. Our services currently include standard dose-response assays, identifying pair-wise synergies, formulation optimization, custom HTP enrichments, and custom assay development. These HTP technologies allow our R&D teamto screen vast chemical and biological space to identify tailored solutions for problems in industrial ecosystems. Our products are ultimately IP-based solutions that reduce damages to the environment while increasing profits for clients.

Competitive Advantage

Our competitive advantage is our ability to rapidly produce IP and full-package microbial solutions. This is enabled by our HTP microbial screen which is 100s of thousands times greater in throughput while costing 75% less than the LTP industry standard.

Planned Goals and Milestones

We continue to work on field-validating our IP in oil and gas and agriculture to sculpt full-package products.
Funding Goal250,000
New Implemented CountriesChina, Canada
RecruitBring on at least 1 cofounder full time, 1 advisor, 1 lab technician
New FeatureCreate IP in mining and pharmaceutical industries


Oct 2017
New Product or Service
Secured over $200K in contracts for services business with leading oil and gas, microbiome, and chemical provider companies.
Oct 2017
Date Unknown
New Country Implemented In
United States