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HETAVED Organic Floating Fish Feeds from organic wastes with Patent No. 005443 FGN

Organically formulated floating fish feeds to help small holders farmers venture into profitable aquaculture and overcome the problem of high cost of imported fish feeds as barrier to fish farming in Nigeria and Africa

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Stage 4: Transition to Scale

HETAVED organic Floating Fish Feeds that helps small holder farmers venture into profitable sustainable fishery ventures to promote green economy. This innovation now solve the greatest limiting factor to aquaculture- the high cost of imported fish feeds. It has been tested and now serves over 6000 fish farmers clusters Nigeria

Registered in Nigeria.

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The high cost of procuring the imported fish feeds has been a major barrier to fish farming in Nigeria and Africa. This is very pronounced within the Niger Delta region of Nigeria where the means of livelihood is fishery due to the compromised environment. Thus, in order to solve this problem affecting the fish farming, we innovated the HETAVED ORGANIC FLOATING FISH FEEDS as alternative that is both affordable, available and with high efficiency.



The HETAVED organic floating fish feed formulated from organic wastes provide a ready alternative solution to the problem of lack of affordable fish feeds due to high cost of the imported feeds and the non efficiency of the locally made non- floating fish feeding stuff. Thus, the HETAVED Patented organic fish feeds is a highly valued innovation to help small holders fish farmers venture into profitable aquaculture in the Niger Delta Region, Nigeria and other Africa regions.

Target Beneficiaries

The thousand of small holders fish farmers in the Niger Delta region as well as other fish farmers in Nigeria and Africa stands to benefit from this intervention through accessibility to affordable and efficient fish feeding stuff for profitable aquaculture . Most especially, the able body but idle youths, women and other farmers could be easily engaged through this intervention, thereby solving the problem of high rate of poverty, malnutrition and with youths restiveness in the region.

Mission and Vision

Our mission for this innovation is to empower small holder fish farmers to venture into profitable aquaculture businesses thereby creating opportunities for economic empowerment of the people to live above poverty, malnutrition and create economic opportunities . We hope to reach out and empower over five millions of small holders farmers around the Niger Delta region, over 35 millions in Nigeria and within Africa, over 55 millions of fish farmers could be empowered through this innovation.

Innovation Description

Patented Floating Fish Feeds formulated from locally available organic Agriculture Wastes for aquaculture ventures as a source of cheap and affordable feeding stuff for Sustainable fishery Production in Nigeria especially within the Niger Delta region. The formulation is well fortified with the necessarily proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals needed for fish production but with an organic ingredient to make it float for effective feeding of cultured fishes. Today, with the Introduction of hetavad Organic Floating Fish Feeds, farmers can now make profit from their ventures which also has enhance the interest of youths, Women and Girls in aquaculture business of recent. The products , as developed from various ingredients needed for fish production, is enabled to float while feeding fishes which account for it effective uses as compared to the non- floating locally made feeds. It is both affordable, accessible and efficient for both small holders and even commercial fish farmers use. To produce and formulate, the organic wastes from maize are selected, dried and crunched before grinding into powder. The weighed out powder is then added to the various ingredients for the formulation of 15kg bags as standard packaging to be sold to farmers at very affordable prizes. In comparison, this product is far cheaper and with quality in terms of performance to the foreign made and imported fish feeds.

Competitive Advantage

One, we have secured the Patent registration No. 005443 from the Federal Government of Nigeria. In term of affordability and availability, Hetavad organic floating which is preferred by most small holder and even commercial fish farmers to the imported feeds stuff which are too exorbitant and most time not available especially to the small holders farmers. Also, our brand has efficiency and low risks when used compare to the locally formulated non-floating fish feed which causes water pollution and death of fishes in farms. So far, the pilot testing of this products in small farms, Private commercial fish farms and Public research farms has shown very high success rate . The Feeds are now being demanded for by many small holder farmers who are willing to ventures into commercial fish farming as means of livelihood and sustainable green enterprise.

Planned Goals and Milestones

Having secure the Patent Right and as well having perfected the Phytochemical, Proximate and Quantitative analysis, we are now set for commercial scale up from the Niger Delta region to expand to other part of Nigeria and Africa. Our next immediate plan is to acquire machines such as Crunching, Drying, Grinding and pelleting machines with mobility for easy conveyance and operations.
Funding Goal250,000
New Implemented CountriesGhana, Chad, Cameroon, Nigeria
Recruit5 Management staff, 3 consultants, 5 Board members
New FeatureMore Research into high efficient and faster result yielding feeds for fish gwoth and expand marketing to other regions of Nigeria and Africa


Mar 2019
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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LvtF5rkq0bU&pbjreload=10 Innovation was tested for efficiency at the University of Benin , Faculty of Agriculture Demonstration fishery farm project. And the test result was confirmed to be excellent when compared to the high costly imported fish feeding stuff for a period of three months.
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