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Halt Poverty

Our mission is to break the cycle of poverty with tourism-based activities

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Mirana francoise Razafindramboa

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Stage 4: Transition to Scale

Focus Areas:

Environment, Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) and Workforce Development

Environment, Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) and Workforce DevelopmentSEE LESS

Implemented In:


MadagascarSEE LESS

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With time, poverty in Madagascar has intensified especially during the period of political crisis. For the period 1993-2012, the poverty rate was exceptionally high in Fianarantsoa and Toliary, at 84.7 percent and 82.1 percent in 2012. Poverty structure by region by INSTAT in 2012. Amoron’i Mania: 85.5%: 595,148. Matsiatra Ambony: 76.1%: 888,397. Ihorombe: 78.2%: 237,753. Vatovavy Fitovinany: 79.6%: 1, 097,625. Total poverty in our sites: 2,818,923 out of 3,546,446



Halt Poverty was launched as a project in 2015 in response to the needs to empower human capital in tourism-based activities. Evolved as a non-profit organization in 2016. Travel and Tourism directly sustained 108.7 million jobs globally in 2016. Travel and Tourism directly supports: 7 x more jobs than automative manufacturing. 5 x more jobs than chemicals manufacturing. 4 x more jobs than mining. 3.5 x more jobs than banking. 2 x more jobs than financial services (WTTC, 2018)

Target Beneficiaries

Addressed to the 2,818,923 underpriviledged,travel industry communities, and tourists alike. We aim to help maximize the sector’s benefits while minimizing its potentially negative impact on the environment, cultural heritage and societies: community-based tourism organizations, educational institutions, government employees, small, medium, and emerging tourism organizations (private sector), students on hospitality and tourism. Priority is given to ignored labor pools

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to break the cycle of poverty using sustainable tourism-based activities. This year, we operate through three projects. With Tongasoa Project. Our guests can travel and connect with Malagasy people as a tourist. With Mahasoa Project. Our guests can travel, pick an activity as a volunteer. With Lovasoa Project. Our guests can travel and conduct research

Innovation Description

Connect with local people through Tongasoa Project. Guests will travel and connect with malagasy people. Help us to increase local access to exchange programs. Encourage South to North or South to South exchange. Enhance participation and partnership. Develop a deeper intercultural understanding during your travels. Any of our actions will give you the opportunity to explore Madagascar and to make a difference

Engage with local people through Mahasoa Project. Wildlife encounters. Workforce (community) development. Our volunteers can choose in which activities they wish to volunteer: administration (newsletter, volunteer coordination), empowering (capacity building), help restore ecosystem (tree planting), participate in our storytelling program (storytelling), take part in our menstrual hygiene management program (menstruation), facilitate access to clean water (wash), empower our small groups, or simply live with host communities.

Conduct research with local people through Lovasoa Project. By joining us, researchers are giving people the hope, confidence, and energy they need to live a better life. Create more supportive local policy, planning framework. Measure tourism impact. Publish

Competitive Advantage

Degree of innovation: Incremental. By innovating our distribution channels. Enabling beneficiaries to customize their solutions. Ultimate goal to foster grassroots community livelihoods to break the cycle of poverty using sustainable tourism-based activities. Halt Poverty network is an effective way to contribute to both poverty alleviation and to connect with fellow industry professionals and adventures supporters and practitioners. Exceptional encounters. Go off the Beaten Track with Authentic Experience at a minimum price. Local expertise. private, flexible and personalized activities. Safe and secure. 24/7 Support. 100% Financial Protection. Membership for educational bodies: NGOs, universities and schools of tourism. Professionals: hotels, travels and tours. Individuals: students and travelers

Planned Goals and Milestones

Goal. Reducing human-wildlife conflict by empowering Malagasy workforces involved in adventure tourism. Objective 1. Connect.Organize exchange programs. Objective 2. Engage. Deliver intensive training in various discipline related to adventure tourism to existing and future professionals from local communities. Objective 3. Research.Formulate a responsible tourism policy to guide Madagascar adventure tourism operation

Recruit1 executive director, 1 intern, 5 consultants, 10 volunteers
New FeatureAdventure tourism encourages sustainable practices: connect - engage - research. Adventure tourism practitioners and policymakers adhere to sustainable environmental practices


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