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We aim to provide volunteers working in unstructured environments with content and needed resources to shape positive environments for kids.


Liliya Borovets

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Stage 2: Research & Development

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During our time volunteering in Greece_s refugee camps, we noticed children aged 0-4 had no access to education and those 5-12 had little access. With nearly 9 million displaced children living in similar settings, access to early childhood development (ECD) is scarce. Actors attempting to provide quality ECD find it difficult to maintain programs due to workloads, high volunteer turnover, limited resources and language barriers. We aim to fill the gap by providing ECD in the refugee camps.



Peak-A-Box enables relevant actors to customize, plan and facilitate play-based ECD sessions via a mobile application complemented by a box of needed resources. Studies show play-based learning is essential to develop a child_s physical, social, emotional and cognitive skills. Additionally, studies emphasize the need importance of ECD in emergency situations. Based on this, we developed an adaptable ECD curriculum around these four skills areas, as well as core values such as teamwork. Our curriculum is also based on consultation with members of the refugee community and the results of a pilot test.Through interviewing 10+ NGOs in refugee camps, we designed the functionality of our mobile app. Using the Peak-A-Box app, facilitators can generate tailored sessions based on their class size, age, skills, number and session duration. Our daily tips provide suggestions on dealing with different situations, such as classroom management issues or aggressive child behavior. In the long term, facilitators will be able to contribute to the curriculum via the mobile app.We will use a subsidy business model for our initiative; every box sold to private institutions, such as childhood centers, will partially subsidize a box to a refugee camp. We pilot tested in Madrid with a community center and observed improvement in children_s ability to follow directions and teamwork in only 3 sessions. In addition teachers at the center expressed interest and need to utilize such a product.

Target Beneficiaries

Wed is a 4-year-old girl playing unattended in a refugee camp. She now attends sessions offered by an NGO using Peak-A-Box. Within weeks she listens to directions, recognizes numbers, letters and partakes in games designed to build girls self-confidence. Sam is a volunteer assigned to organize activities for refugee kids. He opens up the Peak-A-Box app, enters class details and receives a curriculum instantly. With complementary resources and training, Sam successfully facilitates sessions. Jikar is a 16-year-old refugee, beyond the age to attend school. He becomes an ECD facilitator using Peak-A-Box and gets certificated for completing the training. He is learning new skills, and his confidence is strengthened. In the first 6 months, we aim to reach 3 camps and 10 NGOs. In the next 3 years we aim to reach 15,000 children, 60+ facilitators and 60 refugee facilitators. Success will be measured by numbers reached, user experience and learning outcomes.

Innovation Description

Peak-a-box is an app, curriculum, and boc that provides volunteers working in unstructured environments with content and needed resources to shape positive environments for kids.

Competitive Advantage

We have designed our system for emergency & crisis situations keeping in mind that there will be No grid power, No Internet , No Trained Tech people , It has to be portable yet we want to get reports & updated over the net.In the digital educational market, we found little similar solutions, but not identical. Our solution is Affordable, Portable, Easy Setup + Solar Powered, Online and Off-Line, Focus __?? Skill Development and K-12. - Effective ecosystem without dependencies- Scalable, Replicable, Accessible- Use of Interactive technology & Quality content- Improved - Student engagement, Literacy levels, Reading skills- Better jobs & livelihoods for girls lead to educated families- We use green energy- Growth of local communityWe think we will successful because our solution is Modular and it will keep on evolving with time, Things can be changed and services easily due to plug and play approach also will train locals to become Educators & Tech support resources


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