Updated Jul 01, 2020

Global Emergency Care: building universal access to emergency care


Tom Neill

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GEC has developed a contextually appropriate model for emergency care delivery that utilizes task-sharing to train nurses and clinical officers (non-physician clinicians) to be independent, emergency care practitioners and open emergency departments.

Stage 4: Transition to Scale

The ECP program can be rapidly and affordably scaled up to meet clinical demand and transitioned fully to a sustainable component of the growing emergency care system in Uganda and a model for other sub-Saharan African nations to follow.

Focus Areas:

Health, Health Systems and Workforce Development

Health, Health Systems and Workforce DevelopmentSEE LESS

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Target Beneficiaries

Income of Population Served: Lower-middle income

Mission and Vision

Global Emergency Care is dedicated to building universal access to emergency care in Uganda. We envision a time when no life is limited due to an easily treatable illness or injury.


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