Updated Jun 26, 2018

Global Corporate Giving Platform

Part of Save the Children

As Corporate Social Responsibility becomes more relevant not only for customers but also for employees, internal fundraising initiatives become more important. Multinational corporations demand an employee-giving platform that is truly global.

Sarah Binger

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Corporations represent a vehicle to reach our goal of becoming a movement of millions. Our 8 Global Corporate Partners alone employ over 1 million people around the globe. While corporations and their employees represent a large and strategic opportunity, Save the Children doesn't have an efficient way to attract and service employee giving programs. To date, no global NGO has been able to provide a truly global solution for employee giving.



SC Switzerland is partnering with RaiseNow (a tech startup), SC Members, and global corporations to operationalize a global employee giving program, however they need funding to expand it across the Movement.

Innovation Description

Save the Children needs a truly global employee fundraising tool allowing globally active companies to run employee giving campaigns. As a the moment no standard tool exists meeting all the technical needs of such a global tool, Save the Children Switzerland (SCCH) built up the "Global Corporate Giving Platform" which now needs to be adapted to be used by several members in multiple markets simultaneously.

In close collaboration with a Swiss-based technology start-up called RaiseNow, SSCH designed a global corporate giving platform incorporating solutions for the above-mentioned challenges - ready to become now a truly global solution with your support!

Competitive Advantage

From a market perspective out solution satisfies a tremendous need for an international corporate to facilitate truly global employee giving in an easy, appealing way using one campaign link across the globe. So far, no available employee giving tool can satisfactorily provide a solution. Our GCG Platform will be the first of its kind entirely adapted to the SC specific needs and therefore for us being revolutionary!

Planned Goals and Milestones

Overall Goal: Increase corporate employee fundraising revenue at Save the Children by facilitating truly global employee giving campaigns.
Basic Objective: Ensuring the resources for and general commitment to the platform
Objective 1: Develop the Release 2.0 of the GCG Platform
Objective 2: Promote 2.0 release of the GCG Platform within the SC network in close
Objective 3: Promote the GCG Platform towards Corporates
Objective 4: Continuous improvement


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