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Stage 5: Scaling

We are currently working in over 28 health facilities in 6 regions in Cameroon and impacting over 50,000 pregnant women and nursing mothers. The impact is in the area of: - improved antenatal care turnout in health facilities by up to 80% in urban areas and 64% in rural areas. - improved vaccination turnout by 90% in health facilities thereby preventing loss to follow-up - improved assisted delivery With this impact, we believe our solution is ready for scale nationally and internationally.

Focus Areas:

Health, Digital Development and Public-Private Partnerships

Health, Digital Development and Public-Private PartnershipsSEE LESS

Implemented In:

Sudan, Cote d'Ivoire, Sierra Leone and 6 MoreSEE MORE

Sudan, Cote d'Ivoire, Sierra Leone, Rwanda, Haiti, Gabon, Egypt, Cameroon and BrazilSEE LESS

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Mission and Vision

Our vision of success is an integration of mhealth solutions in public health projects, especially in RMNCH, as a leverage tool to facilitate an equitable access to health for low-income women and communities. After three years, we expect an introduction of mhealth solutions in the national public health policy and strategic plans. Our long-term exit strategy relies on continued donor funding coupled with technical assistance to the health authorities in the effective integration of mhealth within the formal health system. National public funding would progressively replace donor funding while scaling up the use of mhealth solutions nationwide. Our theory of change begins with barriers to appropriate RMNCH care, which is remoteness from health structures, lack of knowledge about family planning and RMNCH practices, financial constraints and distrust of health structures. The first transformational step to impact consists in women and community relays receiving advice and information on RMNCH care and family planning through a mobile messaging service. At the same time, skilled birth attendants get to know the mobile application which is installed on devices at their disposal. Secondly, knowledge of women and community is improved altogether with their perception of care in health structures. The ability of health workers to handle childbirth complications improves. Thirdly, the use of family planning and RMNCH care is increased. The impact after two years is a reduced maternal and neonatal mortality. In the longer term, women and community are also empowered as it increases the right of women to reproductive health care and the right to health more broadly. In Cameroon where GiftedMom is implemented and Research conducted in other countries where these solutions were tested demonstrated benefits for the women, the community and health workers: - Improved access of women (including teenagers, being more at risks of complications) and community to health care and family planning information and practices (pre and post-partum) - Improvement of maternal, newborn and child health - Improved skill level of health workers We currently impact over 29,000 pregnant women and nursing mothers in Cameroon.

Innovation Description

GiftedMom is a social entreprise that uses digital technologies to improve maternal and infant health care access. We have developed an automated SMS and voice messaging platform which: sends notifications to pregnant women reminding them of the date of their next antenatal care session or baby vaccination; sends life-saving educative messages and provides a two-way communication between the woman and health professionals whereby these women can pose their health concerns and receive advice.
How does your innovation work?
GiftedMom bridges the information gap and has developed a modern digital infrastructure for distributing health services. It's innovative automated SMS and voice messaging platform carries out the following: - sends notification reminders to pregnant women and nursing mothers in their next antenatal care and vaccination appointment respectively. - sends stage-based health information regarding pregnancy, labour, delivery, post natal care, vaccination, family planning, STIs, etc. - a two-way communication channel where women can pose their health concerns and receive advise in real time from health professionals. Our platform is integrated into Doctor Bots and AI powered assistants which are already existing messenger tools giving access to a 2 billion population market. Also, our platform is connected to the complex infrastructural network of mobile operators, fast-tracking access to 2.3 billion consumers. Our vision is to reach the over 400 million persons who do not have access to basic health care. We have began in the area of maternal and child health care and expanding to touch other areas of public health interest.

Competitive Advantage

1. Our platform is integrated into Doctor Bots and AI powered assistants which are already existing messenger tools giving access to a 2 billion population market. Also, our platform is connected to the complex infrastructural network of mobile operators, fast-tracking access to 2.3 billion consumers. This gives access to a large distribution network. 2. Our dynamic platform cannot be limited to just one service but has an aggregation of multiple health services. 3. Methodology: one of the value-added service of our solution is giving the women a voice to be able to pose their health concerns via SMS and receive orientation and responses from health professionals. The feedback from these women is reported to the health facilities and the Ministry of public health as a means to improve quality of care. 4. Collaboration: we offer a new perspective of working with community health workers empowering them with digital tools thus improving cost-effectiveness in their areas of intervention. 5. Partnership: with Gavi, the vaccine alliance giant gives us access to any Ministry of health in other countries.Signed top FMCG and MNO with strong barrier to entry.

Planned Goals and Milestones

Our current clients are: - international health NGOs such as UNFPA,to whom we sell our white-label mhealth platform to impact women in the Far North region of Cameroon. They have leads in over 18 countries in the world - Mobile network operators: we sell health content to these clients. Currently in partner with ORANGE which has leads in over 25 African countries - FMCGs and Pharmas such as Danone: we sell user data and in-message ads.
1. Team: 2018 we intend to grow the team to 25 full-time paid employees. 2. New markets: - National expansion: December 2018, our solution should be present in the over 108 health facilities in Cameroon. - African expansion: in partnership with mobile network operators (Orange, MTN, and Airtel), we intend to expand to Ivory Coast, Gabon, Kenya, Nigeria. Egypt and Rwanda by December 2019. - International expansion: integrating our solution to that of web billing aggregators, we will be reaching the South American and Asian markets by December 2018 particularly in Brazil, Haiti and 2019 in India. 3. Users in the area of reproductive health care, communicable and non-communicable diseases: - December 2017: 100,000 users in Cameroon - December 2019: 2 million users National and international Intended growth of 600,000 users per year
Funding Goal150,000
Projected Cumulative Lives Impacted29,000


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