Updated Aug 23, 2019

Gham Power Nepal Private Limited

Providing complete, off-grid solar project development for businesses and remote sites in rural areas.


Sudeep Bir tuladhar

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Stage 2: Research & Development

Registered as a For-Profit in Nepal.

Focus Areas:

Solar, Energy Service, Metering & Payment Systems and Energy Efficiency

Solar, Energy Service, Metering & Payment Systems and Energy EfficiencySEE LESS

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Out of 13.4 million smallholders in Nepal, only about 5% have access to on-demand irrigation and the rest are reliant on seasonal monsoon, drying canals and tube wells making it an unsustainable option in the long run. Rural smallholders do not have access to reliable sources of irrigation and agri-advisory services, which results in low productivity and inefficient farming practices.



Gham Power’s innovation – Off Grid Bazaar (OGB) - is an online project development platform which makes solar water pumps (SWPs) affordable and accessible to rural smallholders. It provides personalized agri-advisory services to help rural farmers increase their productivity and overall farming efficiency. OGB also makes energy accessible and affordable to smallholders while reducing operational costs by offering the SWPs through PAYGo financing.

Target Beneficiaries

Our target beneficiaries are rural smallholders who earn less than $3 dollars per working day. Solar water pumps especially aid women as the number of female-headed agriculture and households are constantly increasing due to job-related migration of men. This has led to the feminization of the farming sector with 1.4 women engaged in agriculture for every man.

Mission and Vision

By 2025, Gham Power aims to impact around 90,000 farmers, curb 60,234 tons of carbon, and increase around 700 million in farming income over the lifespan of a solar water pump (SWP) system.

Innovation Description

Gham Power provides complete: off-grid solar project development for businesses and remote communities in Nepal. Their service includes an initial feasibility study: design: financing: installation: and ongoing support. Their projects include residential solar systems: microgrids to service small towns and villages: solar pumping solutions for water irrigation: and commercial systems to supplement diesel generators. Gham Power offers a pay-as-you-go payment model: making solar services accessible and affordable. This creates more revenue-generating opportunities for individuals and businesses: which in turn leads to improved living conditions. Our mission is to transform lives in rural off-grid communities by using solar power to increase local income.
Funding Goal1,500,000
Projected Cumulative Lives Impacted12,000

The Team Behind the Innovation

Gham Power was founded in 2010 by Sandeep Giri, a veteran entrepreneur who has launched successful tech companies in the San Francisco bay area, last one acquired by Oracle. Anjal Niraula, the General Manager, is a renewable energy expert trained at Jacobs University in Germany, also a Chevening scholar from the University of Edinburgh. Sudeep Bir Tuladhar is an experienced Operations Manager with a proven track record in renewables and industry environment.


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