Updated Mar 20, 2018

Friends 'n' Stuff

A lifestyle brand inspired by Southeast Asia that is creatively transforming everyday materials whilst helping to empower families.


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Stage 5: Scaling

Focus Areas:

Economic Empowerment

Economic EmpowermentSEE LESS

Implemented In:

Cambodia, Thailand and Laos

Cambodia, Thailand and LaosSEE LESS

Countries Implemented In

Innovation Description

Friends ??n?? Stuff sells crafts and accessories made from locally-sourced: recycled materials. Their products include bags: clothes: stationery: jewellery: books and wallets: which are made from items such as newspapers: rugby balls and food packaging. These are sold in stores throughout Southeast Asia and are also available via international resellers. The artists are predominantly women from low-income households: often with many dependents and little formal education. Friends ??n?? Stuff collaborates with their parent NGO: Friends International: to support these artists to become micro-entrepreneurs. They offer workshops and training: and also facilitate work placements for many of the artists.


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