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Freshmarte is a mobile platform that helps food & beverage manufacturers sustainably source raw materials from groups and individual smallholders using a digitized contract farming business model.

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Job Oyebisi

Stage 4: Transition to Scale

We are presently conducting a trial of our platform in partnership GIZ with a group of 5,000 farmers and four off-takers/agro-processors in Nigeria.

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The global food security is dependent on the productivity of smallholders numbering above 500 million, cultivates more than 570 million farms worldwide. In fact, in regions like Sub-Saharan Africa, smallholders are responsible for about 70% of the total regional food supply but lack access to markets for their produce. This leads to a situation where about 40%-50% of the harvest of smallholders go to spoilage and wasted; a phenomenon that has been termed post-harvest losses.



  1. Freshmarte is a mobile platform that helps food manufacturers/agro-processors to sustainably source raw materials from groups and individual smallholders in a digitized contract farming business model. For smallholders we solve the problem of lack of market access by connecting them to formal markets. We are integrating blockchain to ensure transparency & security of contracts. Our idea facilitates a more sustainable supply chain & reduce post-harvest losses.

Target Beneficiaries

Our project majorly impacts the economic status of African smallholders and their communities. We are focusing on women and young farmers. Currently in Africa, there are more than 100 million smallholders and statistics show that 70% are women. They are mostly affected by lack of access to finance and markets. Our innovation will help these women gain access to markets to be financially independent.
Food manufacturers also benefit greatly as we help them sustainably source their raw material.

Mission and Vision

Our vision is to create sustainable food supply chains in Africa by using technology to address current inefficiencies leading to wastage, loss & low productivity

We have a mission to increase the annual income of 200,000 smallholders by at least 500% in three years by directly integrating them into the supply chain through our platform that enables them to get farming contract from food manufacturers/agro-processors.

Innovation Description

A typical user-journey by a food and beverage company of Our Platform-As-A-Service solution :

1. Customers use our web app to find smallholders within their value chain that are within or outside of their preferred location.

2. A graphical analysis on the production capacities of these smallholders based on data that we have collected, and satellite imagery and other open data from government agencies and non-profits is presented along side, their name and location.

3. They initiate farming contracts with smallholders that match their requirements.

4. Smallholders receive notification of contracts on their mobile phones and accept or reject.

5. Upon agreement of contract terms, pre-farming funds for operations and farm inputs purchases (as the case may be) are sent as tokens to smallholders through out fund management platform that drives transparent and efficient delivery of farm inputs by tokenizing fund and then allowing smallholders to buy from distributors.

6. Customers monitor and manage smallholders/farm via real-time data collected by field agents and sent directly to our platform.

7. At harvest; notification, settlement and clearing through algorithm based price determination understood by both Food Companies and Smallholders, provenance and traceability services for each produce accessible through our APIS to all parties and Logistics services for delivery of raw material to their processing plant.

Competitive Advantage

1. Instead of just providing market information about potential buyers to farmers like other Agri-tech startups, we actually get them farming contracts through their mobile phones that gives them ready access to markets and finance.

2. Our understanding of the agricultural landscape in Africa and Asia where we are operating from and the relationship that we are building farmers and buyers that is creating trust between us and them.

Other added competitive advantges are;

i. the farming contracts are built on blockchain network to ensure contracts are secured through consensus and payments made out to farmers through smart contracts. Smallholders can use these digital farming contracts to access finance for their farm operation from lenders.

ii. a provenance and traceability system on our blokchain network for batch of produce coming from the farms

Planned Goals and Milestones

A mobile virtual assistant that will leverage over a billion weather data points APIs, agronomic weather models, agriculture data-sets and our proprietary machine learning algorithms to provide data-driven, real-time, actionable, field-level insight and decision support for smallholders via SMS, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and messenger on farm operations such as planting, water usage for irrigation, input usage, crop protection and markets.
Funding Goal250,000
New Implemented CountriesGhana
Recruit4 management, 2 board, 10 volunteers, 1 advisor
New Featuremobile farm virtual assistant.


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