Updated Mar 30, 2019

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FLOEWS: Flood Early Warning System

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Dematerialized, Demonetized, Democratized & Self-Manageable Flood Disaster Early Warning System for the 121 Million flood vulnerable Nigerians.

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Abubakar Bashir

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Stage 4: Transition to Scale

A minimum viable product (MVP) was developed after an intensive research and development, the MVP was released as a CLOSE-ALPHA to more concern customers ranging from Governmental, Enterprise, societal, institutional and individual for evaluation.

Registered as a For-Profit in Nigeria.

Focus Areas:

Climate Change and Resilience, Citizen Participation, GIS/Mapping and 4 MoreSEE ALL

Climate Change and Resilience, Citizen Participation, GIS/Mapping, Humanitarian Assistance, Infectious & Vector Diseases, Biodiversity and Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)SEE LESS

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Most individuals, communities and assets living within the coverage flood zones are ignorant, living with less or no in-depth knowledge of such risk. Absence of such knowledge inform of an early-warning has resulted in flood disaster devastation and has accounted for 75% of all deaths related to natural disaster and frequency of 45% leading to destruction of valuable properties, farming lots, food insecurity, hosting pathogens & vectors resulting in disease outbreak.



FLOEWS is a dematerialized, demonetized, democratized & self-manageable flood early warning system for the 121 Million flood vulnerable Nigerians. It Monitors & forecast flood imminence, thereby disseminating the flood forecast as warning to the inhabitants of flood prone zones, for early preparedness, awareness, emergency response, recovery & resiliency towards reduction in devastation among lives, valuable properties, utility & infrastructure, biodiversity, food & water supply, economic losses estimate in $Billions.

Target Beneficiaries

Beneficiaries ranges from Government and it agencies, world banks, insurance insurers, estate developers, risk managers, planners, logistic providers, assets managers/assessor/analyst, oil and gas, civil engineering, subsistence and large scale commercial farmers, ecological surveyors, research institution & academia, emergency and response, humanitarian and aid organization, NGO's, the victims at the last pixel mile.

Mission and Vision

FLOEWS is simply arming the inhabitant of such regions with vital weapon "an Early Warning information" about when the flood is expected, its coverage, infrastructures and utilities at risk, magnitude, how to respond to warning and evacuation action strategy, so as to prepare early towards the reduction in devastation among lives, valuable assets, biodiversity, food and Water Supply.

Innovation Description

FLOEWS monitors and forecast flood imminence, it further disseminates the flood forecast as warning to the inhabitants for such flood prone corridors, so as the can be aware of the impending disaster ahead and planing & preparing early towards the reduction in devastation among lives, valuable properties.

Since most of this individuals, communities and assets living within the coverage flood zones are ignorant, living with less/no in-depth knowledge of such risk, FLOEWS is equipping its beneficiaries with the capability of managing the impending disaster by themselves via the most corresponding & available medium of communicating, understanding the risk, while responding to the provided emergencies.
FLOEWS can be accessed as cloud-based "FLOEWS-AS-A-SERVICE", as Web & Access/Open Data services, as an API, via web/mobile app, via SMS, IVR, USSD, , TV, Radio, social media, peer-to-peer, as well as digital print as flood warning maps and charts warning.

Contrary to olden warning system which tend to be bulk, isolated, secretive, slow and lacks modern and disruptive methodology and models for disseminating the warning and responding to emergency response, we here by digitized, discept, disrupt, dematerialized, demonetized and democratized Flood early warning System from end-to-end, towards the making it aimed achieved exponentially, conveniently and effectively for the victims in need.

"Smart Communities" "Smart Inhabitants" "Smart Decision"

Competitive Advantage

Likes of Companies like Ambiental Risk Analytics, Deltares & FloodList remain the so only international competitors of foreign decency, whereas there are no single competitor in the whole of Africa. FLOEWS is a pioneered solution, with a pioneered model and approach in Africa.
FLOEWS remain the only solution that digitized, discept, disrupt, dematerialized, demonetized and democratized flood disaster management to everyone must especially those in flood prone corridors.
FLOEWS is replicable and tailored to suit different geographical settings.

Planned Goals and Milestones

Expansion & Scaling across all flood vulnerable corridors in Nigeria while the serving vulnerable of all first. Breaking the chains of Taboo, disbelief, behavioral & traditional factor resulting in slow rate of adoption & flood disaster casualties. Exponential adoption rate to FLOEWS. Saving more lives. Avoiding the spread of infectious diseases like cholera due to poor hygiene as aftermath of the flooding.
Funding Goal5,000,000

The Team Behind the Innovation

Abubakar Bashir a Nigerian is the founder & CEO of FLOEWS, i started FLOEWS alone, with lots of dedication & mentorship & FLOEWS rose from an idea stage to fully developed Close Alpha. After travelling to Denmark in 2017 for UN Unleash Innovation Lab acceleration program, i to meet these passionate & innovative friends, from different countries, they further turn to be part of FLOEWS team. They are: Arlinda Ibrahimllari from Albania, Alex from Costa Rica, Nisha from India, Matt from USA.




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