Updated Mar 27, 2018

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FieldSight, developed in UNOPS Nepal, is the first humanitarian digital platform designed for infrastructure monitoring and quality assurance.

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Focus Areas:

Housing and Infrastructure, Resilience, Monitoring & Evaluation and 1 MoreSEE ALL

Housing and Infrastructure, Resilience, Monitoring & Evaluation and Disaster Risk ReductionSEE LESS

Implemented In:

Myanmar, Laos, Haiti and 5 MoreSEE ALL

Myanmar, Laos, Haiti, Nepal, Colombia, Bangladesh, Argentina and El SalvadorSEE LESS

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Throughout the development and humanitarian sector, infrastructure projects continue to face challenges being implemented correctly. Poor quality, lack of oversight, and common mistakes, exacerbated by remote locations and weak institutions, mean that many pieces of infrastructure are finished with key structural weaknesses.



FieldSight enables field-based staff to collect information and communicate directly with project managers and engineers to track construction progress in real-time and identify and fix errors as they occur. Designed to work off-line and at scale, FieldSight is specifically targeted for humanitarian and development projects.

Target Beneficiaries

FieldSight aims to improve the work of humanitarian and development actors, who we see as clients. The end beneficiaries of each of our clients are served by the use of FieldSight through higher quality infrastructure and projects.

Mission and Vision

FieldSight envisions a world where infrastructure built in even the most remote locations meets quality design and construction standards so that even those most at the margins can enjoy quality infrastructure.

Innovation Description

FieldSight is a new platform that uses the technology of standard smart phones and the mobile network, which are increasingly available in even the most remote parts of the world, to conduct monitoring, supervision, and quality assurance projects. FieldSight is a comprehensive platform that supports all stages of the monitoring and supervision process. Organizations of all sizes can use FieldSight to:

· Develop Custom Monitoring Protocol

· Organize by Site, Project, and Organization

· Collect Data in the Field

· Review Field Submissions and Communicate with Team Members

· Provide Support Materials

· Monitor through Dashboards and Reports

· Analyze andExport Data

Competitive Advantage

FieldSight is the first ODK-based solution that targets infrastructure and project management. In order to do this, it has reworked the basic ODK infrastructure to link and relate data across multiple forms. This allows projects and organizations to conduct multiple kinds of monitoring, quality assurance, and oversight processes using the flexibility of ODK, while ensuring that all of that data is ultimately linked around the key site, family, or other unit of interest.

Planned Goals and Milestones

We are working to expand in two areas. First, we are working to build a community portal to enhance participation by community members. Second, we continue to expand the services available to review, process, and analyze the data generated by the platform. This includes new features for customizing dashboards and reports, new ways to link and relate data, and more advanced reporting and export options.
Funding Goal300,000
New Implemented CountriesAfghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen


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