Updated Mar 20, 2018


A socially responsible enterprise developing edible and biodegradable plastic packaging solutions using seaweed as the raw material.


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Stage 2: Research & Development

Focus Areas:

Processing & Production

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Implemented In:

Indonesia and Bhutan

Indonesia and BhutanSEE LESS

Countries Implemented In

Innovation Description

Evoware develops: manufactures and sells seaweed-based packaging solutions. Their products include food wrappers for burgers and sandwiches: toothpicks: serviettes: soap packaging: and coffee and flavour sachets. They are sold directly to businesses and can also be purchased online. All of Evoware??s products are eco-friendly: biodegradable and healthy for the body. The packaging can therefore either be consumed or discarded naturally: making it an environmentally friendly alternative to harmful: traditional plastics that pollute oceans and endanger wildlife. By purchasing seaweed directly from Indonesian seaweed farmers: Evoware is also helping to improve the livelihoods of some of the country??s poorest populations.


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