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Zero-Energy Mobile Refrigeration


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Innovation Description

The innovations strives to provide affordable refrigeration solutions to address the unique needs and challenges of transporting produce in developing markets. By combining modern design with a time tested technique they are able to make it low cost, increase farmers market yields and put fresher foods in the hands of consumers. To learn more you can click here:https://youtu.be/ztrr9saGXAQ.
How does your innovation work?
The technology works by harnessing the power of evaporative cooling. Water is poured into a specialized evaporative material, and as the liquid turns to vapor it takes energy with it cooling the unit up to 35 degrees farenheit from ambient air temperature. It can extend the shelf life of food for up to 2 weeks in warm and dry climates. It is completely electricity independent and costs under $30. The current model can run for 2 days with 1 liter of water. The latest version is collapsible which allows it to compress down into a box a fraction of its size.

Competitive Advantage

Our goal is to help 700 million people who live without access to refrigeration through our innovation.


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