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Escape Dynamics

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Stage 3: Proof of Concept

At Escape Dynamics we are working on a new, game-changing space access and aerospace transportation technology based on sustainable, highly efficient electromagnetic propulsion system. We are developing spaceplanes that will enable space access at a cost 10-100x lower than possible with currently used technologies. Our system does not rely on combustion, but rather uses wireless energy to power the vehicle during launch. Affordable space access is the key to addressing many of the humanity's Grand Challenges: A. Thousands of new satellites will be launched to provide internet, live video and other information services to the developing world – space satellites is an enabling technology for lifting millions out of poverty and providing opportunities unavailable today. B. Video satellite with a wide range of sensors will provide answers and solutions to many of the environmental challenges we face today – information is the key to understanding and combating climate change. C. When space access becomes affordable and on-demand, there will be thousands of new companies building businesses in space and opening the new economic frontier for our civilization. D. Technologies envisioned and developed by Escape Dynamics will eventually become the key part of global sustainable transportation solution – in the future all means of transport can be powered with clean sustainable energy w/o fossil fuels.
1. We demonstrated end-to-end operation of the system with energy coming from the electric grid, converted into wireless energy, beamed to the engine and converted into thrust with efficiency surpassing practical limits of currently used combustion based rocket engines. 2. We built an amazing team of visionaries capable of solving the most demanding challenges of aerospace engineering and wireless energy. 3. We built lab facilities (including R&D and production) required to take our system to the next level.

Registered in United States.

Focus Areas:

Energy, Energy Efficiency and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)

Energy, Energy Efficiency and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)SEE LESS

Innovation Description

Enabling affordable, sustainable, on-demand space access.
How does your innovation work?
Today chemical rockets used for space access are extremely expensive (>$5,000 per kg of payload delivered into orbit), very risky (with about 4% failure rate) and very inefficient (only 2-3% of a chemical rocket is useful payload - most of it is propellant). This prevents large scale commercial, social and scientific exploration of space. We are developing a system that does not rely on chemical combustion, but instead is using wireless transfer of energy via microwaves to power the spaceplane as it ascends into orbit. This approach allows revolutionary increase in efficiency of the propulsion system and eliminates the reliance of chemical energy of combustion. With the efficiency increase provided by our concept it will be possible to build reusable, single-stage-to-orbit spaceplanes and lower the cost of space access 10-100x compared to what is possible with chemical rockets today. I believe, that the work and mission of Escape Dynamics can positively impact lives of more than a billion people in the next 10 years. Through the Solutions Summit and the community it can build we can bring the vision of sustainable, affordable space access into the world much sooner. I am passionate about addressing humanity's grand challenges. I am specifically passionate about energy, sustainable transportation, addressing/solving the challenges of climate change, and enabling global opportunity through technology and innovation. I believe, these are the values shared by the community that will be brought together by the Solutions Summit. I would like to share ideas of what is possible in the transportation, energy, and space exploration fields in the next 10-15 years and catalyze global discussion on how those possibilities can be accelerated and leveraged to enable global positive change.

Planned Goals and Milestones

​1. Financial resources to scale up the concept and accelerate the development 2. Support/participation of strategic/development/research partners in development of key system components (this is not critical but would help accelerating things) 3. Support of various Government agencies (both financial and regulatory) 4. Support of the global community of visionaries capable of making connections, coming up with ideas, and helping to create the ecosystem of businesses that will leverage new opportunities enabled by affordable space access


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