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EnMass Energy

EnMass Energy provides reliable, renewable power from agricultural waste in frontier markets like Pakistan.

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Stage 5: Scaling

EnMass Energy has spent 4 years research, testing, and scaling a region-wide agricultural waste sourcing and procurement platform in the Punjab region of Pakistan, where crop waste is routinely burnt in the fields as a means of disposal.

Focus Areas:

Agriculture, Energy and Microeconomics

Agriculture, Energy and MicroeconomicsSEE LESS

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PakistanSEE LESS

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EnMass Energy is trying to solve many problems facing Pakistan: Very little use of renewable energy; lack of clean, affordable, and reliable power generation for industry and manufacturing; limited revenue opportunities for small, rural farmers; an overabundance of improperly disposed crop waste that is harming farmers’ fields and inviting pests; regional air pollution caused by desperate farmers burning crop waste via the lowest cost method.



EnMass Energy supplies fuels in raw or processed forms of cotton, corn, wheat, rice, and sugarcane waste are cleaner and cheaper than imported fossil fuels. Use of indigenously biomass fuel in Pakistan means direct support to rural farmers within the region, and increased purchasing capacity for Pakistani consumer goods. EnMass Energy power projects, using agricultural biomass, operate in the exact same way as captive fossil fuel power projects, but at approximately 10% of the carbon emissions.

Target Beneficiaries

EnMass Energy works with industrial groups and manufacturers in Pakistan to develop captive power projects based on agricultural waste biomass. Each project is engineered specific to the client, is turnkey, and is developed and owned by EnMass Energy. EnMass Energy also works with regional farmers within a proprietary digital and physical procurement infrastructure to collect, process, and supply fuel to both internally-held and third-party customers that replace coal with biomass fuels.

Mission and Vision

EnMass Energy harnesses the power generating potential of the small farmer; going field-to-firm and connecting the start of agricultural value chains with the finished goods producer creating a final product. Our organizational vision is a regional biomass commodity market that is interconnected with agricultural practices, specifically starting in Pakistan; where local biomass fuels replace fossil fuel imports and economic benefits created for all stakeholders in the process.

Innovation Description

EnMass Energy applies cutting edge AI and Machine Learning practices to the procurement and collection of agricultural biomass, and utilizes organizational partnerships with industry leading technology firms and equipment providers to build state-of-the-art power facilities based on renewable fuels.

Smallholder farmers in Pakistan connect with EnMass Energy through a mobile app called PaudaPay. The interplay of the application, the backend algorithms that set a market price for biomass, and the mobile wallet used to process transparent digital payments to the farmers creates a digital procurement network that support physical agricultural waste biomass collection activities.

Competitive Advantage

Customers and stakeholders are not currently solving any of these problems. Renewable energy projects in Pakistan are being developed, but the large-scale operational projects are selling in to an electricity grid in disrepair. Industrial and commercial power users run coal boilers, diesel gen-sets, or other fossil-fuel-based captive power projects to ensure reliable baseload electricity. Small farmers are subject to the subject to international commodity market pricing and exploited by middlemen that control the avenues to sell agricultural goods on the open market. And farmers are faced with no good options for disposing of crop waste: they can get rid of excess waste at a cost, let the waste rot in a corner of their field, or burn the waste (which is now outlawed but still heavily practiced).

Planned Goals and Milestones

EnMass Energy is expanding our physical procurement network beyond current paying customers to full marketing and sales of processed biomass to a wider audience. To achieve this organizational goal, we need to purchase additional equipment, and expand our local sales and marketing team in Pakistan.
Funding Goal200,000
New Implemented CountriesIndia, Uganda, Tanzania

The Team Behind the Innovation

The EnMass Energy Leadership team has a strong development and operations background, focused on deconstructing complex problems and building innovative solutions. Our digital procurement solutions are built alongside local, regional, and international power engineering and biomass experts. And our strategic linkages and alignments with implementation partners shortens the development curve and allows for rapid expansion.


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