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Endurance Electric: solar sanitary hot water service.

The first OffGrid sanitary hot water heating service,based in solar energy and a PrePaid system where vulnerable families can buy with total flexibility using activations codes, improving credit scores trough Blockchain technology.

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Cristian O'ryan

Stage 2: Research & Development

Worked with 150 solar energy system paid in small manual monthly payments for rural families as a mean to understand needs,allowing us to conduct extensive research on the field to develop first 5 prototypes for water heating PAYGO systems

Registered as a For-Profit in Chile.

Focus Areas:

Energy Service, Metering & Payment Systems, Solar and Blockchain

Energy Service, Metering & Payment Systems, Solar and BlockchainSEE LESS

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1.3 billion people live in energy poverty,another 1 billion have extremely unreliable access to services such as sanitary hot water.Without access,these families turn to costly and unhealthy alternatives.For most vulnerable people,lack of access to financing options is a primary barrier to adopting modern solar solutions.Those end-users can’t afford to buy modern energy products on a cash basis, while energy companies are often unable to finance customers.



We want to disrupt the market by developing a Solar Sanitary Hot Water service based in a PrePaid model,similar to the mobile phone prepaid service.Energy poor consumers are required to make a small down payment,30% percent of the full cost, to have it installed,then customers are required to prepay for the ability to use the solar product via mobile money.After paying the full Cost (36 months) system unlocks and ownership is translated to client.

Target Beneficiaries

This solution will benefit millions of people who does not have access to sanitary hot water, or do have but today are spending an important part off their incomes in this item.Allowing this families to save budget and to access renewable energy.All this families belong to the bottom of the pyramid, this is, vulnerable families, living in rural or semi rural areas with low incomes, low education level and not used to have a good quality service in their area.

Mission and Vision

The project will help families to achieve a greater social and economic development, based in new opportunities and empowerment, not just in charity. Building a new market of renewable energy, social goods/services that change vulnerable people’s lives is the best way to democratize access to energy.

Innovation Description

Using a 100L solar water heater, we integrate it to a number of sensors, motorized valves, a controller, a software and a HMI (Human machine interface) with a numeric keypad, allowing us to control and enforce the system to turn it on or off based in a variable monthly payment.Technology within the product denies the service if the customer’s prepaid balance has been used or expires, enabling access again when the customer adds prepaid credit to their account. EE wants to change rules in 2 areas: IoT applied to offgrid to generate learning data and access to financing. Since our clients are not bancarized or subjects of credit, we are working to understand how BLOCKCHAIN technology could help solve this issue, helping us to validate customer payments history to build stronger credit scores, our approach is in understanding how a distributed Ledger would help us to legally demonstrate payment records, turning the monthly payments for our systems (up to 36 months) or other payments made by customer that EE can process, as a positive track of behavior that could lower the credit risk for them and also for EE.This positive information backed by BC ledger is owned by the customer, who can use it to prove identity, integrity and positive behavior for other organizations such as banks, insurance companies or for government health or education programs and subsidies.

Competitive Advantage

Our innovation approach positively influences the interrelations among the parts of a large system.Participation,and empowerment of communities gives them tools to make changes needed, generating new social practices that are accepted and replicated by the community, allowing Renewables to be adopted and become part of the landscape.Is based in 4 areas:Technology,integrating components,Last mile distruibution, with local branches to give the best service, Financing,giving alternatives to afford upfront cost,and Empowering community trough co creation.PAYG technology holds the potential to disrupt the energy sector in many of the same ways it helped to fuel the growth of mobile communication in the developing world.BC can help to create a valid rating, different and complementary to the traditional financial ones, the key fact here is to validate and highlight the positive values and practices that are already being used by the communities but not recognized by the standar systems.

Planned Goals and Milestones

Research & design for the first 5 prototypes to be installed in the next 20 days.Also working in market and business model validation.EE is currently doing research in terms of identifying in the field potential energy poverty gaps to be filled with Blockchain. This research is then validated with industry professionals, and/or mentors to understand model alternatives.EE believes that the technology is in early stage phase so the main focus is to understand and do research first.

Funding Goal300,000
New Implemented CountriesColombia, Argentina, Peru, Mexico
Recruit5 management
New FeatureDesign and develop finished version of the solar water PAYGO system, design and program Blockchain based system for sales and credits.


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