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EFLUSH (Environmentally Friendly Urban Sanitation and Hygiene)

Clean and safe fee paying toilet and shower systems in peri-urban areas as well as CBD of Africa.

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Mwila Lwando

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Stage 5: Scaling

We have proved that the model is working and are generating revenue. We service an average of 500 users per day.

Registered as a For-Profit in Zambia.

Focus Areas:

Menstrual Hygiene, Sanitation, Social Services and 1 MoreSEE ALL

Menstrual Hygiene, Sanitation, Social Services and Biomass/BioFuelSEE LESS

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State/community led public toilets in high density areas like markets and bus stations are often in an appalling state because of the lack of resources, interest and incentive for adequate operation and maintenance. This clashes with the growing demand for quality sanitation services. As a result, people in these areas are more vulnerable to natural disasters and are often exposed to multiple disease vectors associated with poor environmental health and sanitation.



Live Clean Initiatives has developed a product known as EFLUSH (Environmentally Friendly Urban Sanitation and Hygiene) that provides access to public toilet and shower facilities that are clean, safe and affordable for people living in the peri-urban.

Target Beneficiaries

Low income people and/or peri-urban areas.

Mission and Vision

Improved access to basic hygienic sanitation facilities for low income peoplewith a focus on women.

Innovation Description

The fee-paying toilets are built from cargo containers that are refurbished for sanitary use and are then installed in high density unplanned settlements, markets and border posts. The facilities are fully off-grid, so they do not need connection to sewer systems. They are eco-friendly in the sense that they recycle all the grey water (water used to wash hands) for use in the toilets. The human waste is recycled to produce biogas and organic fertilizer. The energy source for lighting and the water pumps is solar.

Competitive Advantage

We provide biodegradable sanitary pads to all women in need, and sanitary waste bins are available in each toilet, allowing women access to clean and safe facilities that not only provide for their sanitary needs but also their menstrual needs.
Our toilets are cleaner than any other service providers in the vicinity of operation. We have contracted a cleaning agency to make sure that our standards do not drop. This dramatically reduces risks of exposure to multiple vector diseases. They are safe - they are guarded with a wire fence and fully functional CCTV cameras. They are off grid and all waste is recycled. All these added benefits in comparison to our competitors and our service is offered at the same price as theirs.
Women use the facilities at the same price as the men.
Women also have more sitting toilets than men.

Planned Goals and Milestones

We plan to increase our reach with the sanitation facilities. Wehave been given approval by the Government to roll out to 60 sites the current communal container setups across Zambia in all markets and border towns
Funding Goal8,000,000
New Implemented CountriesZambia
Recruit6 management, 20 on the ground staff.


Mar 2018
Lives Impacted
Dec 2014
Recognition ReceivedPENDING
Winner of Smart Living Challenge
Sep 2014
Date Unknown
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