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Leveraging the technology revolution to develop alternative learning methods to make quality education accessible to refugees and internally displaced people in Cameroon


Blandine angele Messa

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Stage 3: Proof of Concept

We've recently completed the research and development phase and it has enabled us to be fixed on the needs of our target audience. Our goal presently is to develop the full featured concept and present it to the market

Focus Areas:

Education, Youth and Economic Growth and Trade

Education, Youth and Economic Growth and TradeSEE LESS

Implemented In:

Senegal and Cameroon

Senegal and CameroonSEE LESS

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For three years now Cameroon is threatened both by the Boko Haram sect and the secessionist movements from the Anglophone regions. They mostly target schools by burning them down and attacking teachers and students as a way to put pressure on the government. For three years now over 300 ( of every 3 are girls) thousand Cameroonians are out of school with no alternative learning methods.



At EduClick, we find it unacceptable that young people can't access education because of armed conflicts. That's why we partnered with teachers to develop a hybrid solution (requires physical presence with tele education and technology assisted learning) to make available educational material to these refugees and internally displaced persons despite their geographical location.

Target Beneficiaries

Our beneficiaries are the 20 thousand refugees from Central African Republic and Nigeria packed at the refugee camps of Bertoua and the North of Cameroon. We're also targeting the 300 thousand internally displaced youths whose schools have been shut down due to the Anglophone crisis.

Mission and Vision

Our vision is to leverage the technological revolution to make quality education accessible to all at very low cost. Our mission is to equip refugees and internally displaced persons which will make them productive by facilitating their access to decent jobs or skills which they could transform into money-making businesses.

Innovation Description

We're developing a web and mobile application with three main services: 1. E-revision: It consists of developing video lessons in respect to school curricular so that those who are not priviledged to access formal learning can use to access education. 2. E-revision: We're developing a data base of 50 thousand multiple choice questions to promote excellence by facilitating revision and enabling students get better grades; 3. Education Support services: We offer training and ghost writing services in CV, business plans and project development.:

Competitive Advantage

Our innovation stands out due to the fact that it's accessible with or without the internet thanks to the USSD system developed and integrated on our platform. Moreover, our tele education centres are powered by solar energy. All these innovations reduce our cost of production and therefore make our prices very competitive.

Planned Goals and Milestones

We need to launch the online full featured platform with the above three services mentioned and reach our target audience.
Funding Goal50,000
Projected Cumulative Lives Impacted2,700
New Implemented CountriesGabon, Equatorial Guinea, Congo, Republic of the, Congo, Democratic Republic of the, Chad, Central African Republic
Recruit3 programmers, 2 project managers, 20 volunteers, 5 field experts
New FeatureMobile app, integrate USSD sms system, build 5 tele education centres, build a recording studio

The Team Behind the Innovation

Our team is made up of Cameroon's highest rated programmer on stack flow; a certified project manager, a teacher with 10 years teaching experience and a business development expert. Our team is made up of 3 women and a man. It's a team of passionate young people whose greatest desire is to build an edtech company which will impact Africa and beyond. We all have a story that makes us very attached to making education accessible to all because we believe that education can change the world



Mar 2019
Recognition ReceivedPENDING
Mar 2019
New Product or Service
Developed 20 thousand multiple choice questions to help students improve on their grades
Mar 2019
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Mar 2018
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