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Ecology Examination Inc. (“EcoExam”) offers an advanced environmental monitoring system that allows clients to test for the presence of contaminants in water, air and soil.

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Stage 4: Transition to Scale

EcoExam is tested, functional and ready for market. We are presently in "Seed" stage with the benefit of deep market research, market application and market readiness.

Registered as a For-Profit in United States.

Focus Areas:

Agriculture Water Management, Environment, Cultivation & Tools and 8 MoreSEE ALL

Agriculture Water Management, Environment, Cultivation & Tools, Aquaculture, Soil Management, Waste Management, Air Quality, Natural Resources, Watersheds, Resilience and TechnologySEE LESS

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United States

United StatesSEE LESS

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In environmental research, there is no singular system that allows stakeholders to streamline operations, manage data and collaborate with research partners.
In Agriculture, nutrient management is difficult and costly. Nutrient loss via field drainage leads to: Lost dollars and watershed exposure to nutrient-rich drainage.
Industry must comply with environmental regulations. Conducting compliance activity burns time and productivity. An efficient compliance system saves money.



Three industry-specific modules are currently available: Precision Agriculture, Environmental Research and Regulatory Compliance. Each module offers a customized set of tools that meet the functional needs of their respective users.

Target Beneficiaries

Environmental Research-we developed modules to manage projects, train & equip volunteers and profile sites for analytical parameters, discharge points and sample scheduling
Regulatory Compliance-EcoExam provides in-depth data that clients use to conduct all compliance activities, simplifying site management by aggregating data from several sources
Precision Agriculture-EcoExam is collaborating with ISU and USDA, investigating nitrate and phosphorous in agricultural drainage systems

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to provide solutions that reduce and eliminate environmental contamination at its source.
Achieving this goal requires that we provide clients an easy to use interface to accurately monitor conditions on site or in the field.
EcoExam.com is a dynamic, scaleable, data rich, IoT platform that provides real time, actionable intelligence to our clients.

Innovation Description

EcoExam is to environmental compliance and monitoring what QuickBooks Pro is to tax compliance and payroll, simplifying regulatory compliance obligations for businesses with simple-to-use site management tools populated with comprehensive up-to date regulatory data.

EcoExam’s Software-as-a-Service (“SaaS”) and Asset-as-a-Service (“AaaS”) data-and site-management platform integrates with the operations and data flow of key vendors to provide a complete monitoring solution. Our end-to-end platform incorporates state of the art IoT technology, expert laboratory analysis and aggregated data management solutions.
Compliance and research clients have several options for sampling and analysis which include site profiling, regulatory integration, laboratory choice, electronic reporting and profile based kit designs each speed the process of compliance testing and reporting.
In-situ monitoring requires a commitment of hardware. Billing is managed using an AaaS model — much like a cell phone contract (an equipment lease combined with a maintenance contract). EcoExam’s cost to maintain the equipment in the field is included in the monthly payment.
Ecology Examination was recently referenced in "Gartner Researches- Hype Cycle for Sustainability" as an industry leader in "Water Management". A copy of this document is available upon request.

Competitive Advantage

EcoExam.com is a unique product and new to the market. Presently there are no systems available that provide the same products, depth of information, low connectivity costs, low sensor costs, holistic marketplace strategy and scope of performance as EcoExam. Competitive analyses on a sector by sector basis can be found in the analysis reports in the attached summary. Substitutes for EcoExam are the current cost-intensive manual sampling procedures used today.

Planned Goals and Milestones

Our goal is to be "the in situ water management experts" in the field, and eventually expand into smart city and smart utility wireless monitoring solutions. We are particularly excited about a new nitrate reactor under development.
With the help of PVBLIC foundation, we are working to identify private/public partnerships in smart city initiatives globally.
Funding Goal5,000,000
Projected Cumulative Lives Impacted100,000,000
New FeatureDevelopment of a new nitrate reactor to eliminate nitrate discharge in agricultural drainage


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