Updated Apr 03, 2018

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E- Surgical is the first medical equipment manufacturing industry in Tanzania since Tanzania is the developing country. We manufacture HIV test kits devices, Malaria test kits devices, Disposable syringes, Surgical gloves and mackintosh sheets

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Erick Mmbando

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Stage 4: Transition to Scale

Now we are having our product samples which we have developed and distribution companies which will distribute our medical equipment to Hospitals, Medical centers, Dispensaries and Pharmaceutical shops.

Focus Areas:

Health Systems, Processing & Production and Other

Health Systems, Processing & Production and OtherSEE LESS

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TanzaniaSEE LESS

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There are various challenges which affect Tanzanian citizens which are, sharing of hospital equipment and high costs of medical equipment such as sharing of surgical gloves, high costs of disposable syringes and mackintosh sheets due to the importation costs.

There scarcity of imported medical equipment which covers urban hospitals, leaving rural medical centers underserved without equipment while population has been increasing very fast in the continent.



E-Surgicals simplifies the work-load of medical distribution companies, Government, Hospitals and Medical centers, whereby instead of importing medical equipment from abroad which cost time, importation costs and the shortage of equipment. E-surgicals simplifying these costs by manufacture. The best strategy E-surgicals making is that, Healthcare industry will continue to grow in Africa based on the rapid growth of population which means healthcare sector should well be managed.

Target Beneficiaries

Our target customers are medical distribution companies and Supply companies which are the ones selling our products to Urban hospitals, local hospitals, Dispensaries, and medical centers. The Company believes that this is an important segment, as seniors tend to save money, time and shortage of equipment challenges.Furthermore, the number of seniors using the medical equipment is expected to increase substantially in the near future due to the fastest growing population across Africa.

Mission and Vision

Our mission, we endeavor to be one of the leading manufacturers of Medical equipment in Africa that will work for generations and implants that will perform to the highest quality standards.

Our vision to ensure by 2024, E-Surgicals industry saves medical equipment’s challenges in Tanzania, Malawi, Sierra Leone, Uganda and Southern Sudan in both urban and rural areas.

Innovation Description

E- Surgical is the first medical equipment manufacturing industry in Tanzania since Tanzania is the developing country. E-Surgical is the world class manufacturer of medical devices and hospital equipment’ and we are a start-up driven by professionals having an experience of one decade in medical field and sophisticated manufacturing facility strictly as per Indian Standards. Our initial plan is to create a precision manufacturing facility to produce prototypes and molds for clients since we have special expertise in OEM manufacturing for corporate medial suppliers.

We came with this innovation after we realized that, in Africa population has been rising very fast and according to United Nation World Population report 2016 edition, ranked Africa by 2050, the bulk of the world's population growth will take place in Africa which will be 2.4 billion as compared to the current scenario which is 1.2 billion which means healthcare sector must take a huge control in Africa by setting our own manufacturing industries than depending importation from other countries which cost time, money and shortage number of medical suppliers.

Our philosophy is to make the needs of our customers our first priority. It is our mission to provide our customers with fast turnaround, exceptional quality, unparalleled customer service and competitive pricing.

Competitive Advantage

The professional team is an advantage because in manufacturing sector we are the first company to manufacture home because most of the distribution companies they need to be like us but the major problem is the high cost of machinery and absence of manpower to manufacture these equipment. After we discovered this challenge, we took as the opportunity by recruit professional’s team from India having experience of ten years in the medical field and worked in a big Industries such as Hindustan Syringes & Medical Devices Ltd, Nipro India Corporation Ltd, and Prymax Healthcare LLP and became part of our manufacturing team to overcome absence of manpower in Tanzania and in our targeted countries. Second, we have succeeded to partner with major distribution companies such as Salama Pharmacy, and Kas Medics to become our medical equipment distributors to minimize their importation costs of medical equipments from abroad which they have been facing since 1960s'.

Planned Goals and Milestones

E-Surgicals project requires the total amount of $ 166,856 while we are seeking $72000 to launch and operate. We are also looking into additional options including Grants, deferred rent, partnerships, outside investors, business loans, vending and client advance payment while we have raised $10000 as a family loan.
Funding Goal72,000
New Implemented CountriesMalawi, Uganda, South Sudan, Sierra Leone
Recruit7 management, 1 director, 3 advisors


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