Updated Jan 16, 2018

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Jeffrey Telgarsky

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Stage 6: Sustainable Scale

NORC is currently designing, implementing or supporting fifteen impact evaluations of USAID democracy, human rights, and governance programs in fourteen countries.

Registered in United States.

Focus Areas:

Democracy, Human Rights, and Governance

Democracy, Human Rights, and GovernanceSEE LESS

Implemented In:

Vietnam, Uganda, Tanzania and 19 MoreSEE ALL

Vietnam, Uganda, Tanzania, Philippines, Peru, Paraguay, Niger, Nicaragua, Nepal, Mozambique, Moldova, Malawi, Liberia, Honduras, Haiti, Guatemala, Georgia, Congo, Democratic Republic of the, Cambodia, Burundi, Burkina Faso and BangladeshSEE LESS

Countries Implemented In

Mission and Vision

The results of the impact evaluations are used to inform the design of future USAID programs. Additionally, the academic Principal Investigators are encouraged to publish the findings from the impact evaluations in peer-reviewed academic journals.

Innovation Description

Under the DRG Learning, Evaluation, and Research (LER) contract, NORCdesigns and implementsimpact and perforamnce evaluations of USAID democracy, human rights,and governance programs, carries out surveys of vulnerable populations (such as victims of human trafficking), andconducts researchto advance USAID’s learning agenda.

How does your innovation work?

Rather than trying to measure the effectiveness of entire programs, NORC relies on academic researchers as Principal Investigators who identify specific interventions to test in the impact evaluation. These interventions are selected both to be consistent with the oveall objectivbesof the USAID program that is the subject of the evaluation and to advance the state of knowledge (as evidenced by the exsiting body of published and unpublished research on the topic) about the intervention. The impact evaluations are generally randomized control trials (RCTs), which generate the strongest evidence about the effectiveness of the intervention.

Competitive Advantage

The impact evaluations being carried out under DRG-LER contribute to USAID's learning agenda by testing specific interventions to assess their effectiveness in achieving attributable outcomes. This evidence helps inform USAID about what works and doesn't work in a variety of contexts across many democracy, human rights, and governance program areas.

Planned Goals and Milestones

Through the USAID Center of Excellence on Democracy, Human Rights and Governance, the results of the impact evaluations are shared among USAID DG officers. Additionally, the Center conducts annual clinics to train USAID Mission staff on the value and use of impact evaluations and to identify candidate programs for future impact evaluations under DRG-LER.


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