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Stage 3: Proof of Concept

Registered as a For-Profit.

Focus Areas:

Primary Care

Primary CareSEE LESS

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Target Beneficiaries

Income of Population Served: Low-income, Lower-middle income , Middle-income

Mission and Vision

In Brazil there are 135 million people who belong to the base of the socioeconomic pyramid and have limited access to health. The public health system has limited capacity to meet demand. Only 45% of health facilities in the country are public, and are unable to meet 80% of demand. Compounding the problem in Brazil, 30% of municipalities do not have hospitals and 25% did not have doctors. As a result, 40% of patients seen by the public feel that the health care service within the country is poor or very poor. For this reason, Dr. Consulta began, with the aim to solve these problems through low cost clinics, with a focus on patients.

Innovation Description

Approximately 600 procedures are performed at the clinic every 30 days.


Jan 2011
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Profiled Innovation - Bronze