Updated Apr 04, 2018

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Developing innovative family farms united into agricultural service cooperatives

Family farms on the basis of smallholder economies, unites into agricultural service cooperatives, professionally operating with application of all modern agricultural technologies and advanced knowledge are real innovation for Ukraine

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Viktor Teres

Stage 6: Sustainable Scale

106 family farms successfully operating in 7 regions of Ukraine included into sustainable value added chain and ready for replication.
2 awards from the National Contest "Charitable Ukraine-2017" evidence the recognition of our initiatives' impact

Focus Areas:

Agriculture, Methods & Learning and Economic Growth and Trade

Agriculture, Methods & Learning and Economic Growth and TradeSEE LESS

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About 80% of milk in Ukraine is being produced by smallholder farmers which are totally unprotected - working in poor condition, with no access to modern technologies and advanced knowledge, no possibility to produce quality milk and enter organized markets getting stable competitive price



Continue to develop innovative professional family farms on the basis of smallholder economies uniting them into agricultural service cooperatives with prospect of joining unions of a bigger scale in order to establish a sustainable value added chain supplying quality healthy products to the market, providing uninterruptable supply to processors and ensuring wellbeing and stable future for small agricultural producers

Target Beneficiaries

Small agricultural producers selling products through agricultural service cooperatives, family farm owners, agricultural service cooperatives and their unions, processing enterprises

Mission and Vision

To improve the welfare of Ukrainian rural communities while caring for the environment.

Innovation Description

Obtaining modern equipment, advanced knowledge and being united into agricultural producers' organizations such as cooperatives, smallholder farmers are able to transform their economies into professional family farms supplying quality products, which meet highest quality standards to the market for stable competitive price. Processors get benefit in kind of reliable suppliers, stable regular volumes of high quality products. Consumers get healthy products for a decent price

Competitive Advantage

Small family farms are more flexible and effective production units, than large farms, and provide positive social effect in contrast to social problems resulting from large agroholdings activities
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