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Decentralized Electricity Network Based on Solar Energy using Blockchain. 

Nimray brings clean energy to communities of all sizes. We do so by supplying both the innovative Solar technology and an accessible energy network that allows home energy generators to trade clean electricity profitably with others.

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Stage 3: Proof of Concept

We are in final testing and constructing a pilot project in Belamau; Village of Uttar Pradesh State in India. Work already begins on the ground.

Registered as a For-Profit in India.

Focus Areas:

Distributed Generation Systems, Energy Service, Metering & Payment Systems, Solar and 9 MoreSEE ALL

Distributed Generation Systems, Energy Service, Metering & Payment Systems, Solar, Agriculture, Microeconomics, Social & Micro Finance, Environment, Blockchain, Social Development, Peace and Resilience, AI and Rule of Law and Human RightsSEE LESS

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The solar energy market is dominated by large utility companies that buy solar energy at a low price and sell it through the electricity grid at a much higher price, securing huge profits at the expense of the end consumers and small-scale solar producers.
u300 days of sun and still 24X7 electricity is a dream for many. Earth has been receiving trillions of units of energy every day from morning to evening but we've never been able to use it.



By creating a freely accessible network for Solar energy trading, Nimray is challenging the dominance of the large energy companies.
With Nimray, consumers can produce their own electricity and sell any excess at competitive prices to their neighbors via Nimray Network. This opens a whole new world for trading solar energy over a network.
Creating microgrids all over India and connect them over a network built on the solid blockchain.

Target Beneficiaries

We are making a new use case of Blockchain in Solar energy, main beneficiaries are people who live in high rise apartment and don't have land or roof to install solar panels, we provide them with the option to buy solar energy without the need of installing solar panels at their premises.
Another use case is in villages in where an agriculture land can be converted to a microgrid and on same land farmer can produce crops and clean energy as an extra source of income.

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to make India independent from power cuts, by creating Solar Microgrids all over India.
Over 400 million people in India, including 47.5% of those living in India’s rural areas, still had no access to electricity. Because of the remoteness of much of India’s un-electrified population, renewable energy can offer an economically viable means of providing connections to these groups.

Innovation Description

-Power is generated and distributed locally, A homeowner either can be a producer or a consumer of Solar energy.
-This allows us to sell solar energy within a local community without the need for heavy infrastructure and a central authority.
Smart Microgrids can be installed in any remote location. We connect all smart microgrids using blockchain.
-Now a user can buy or sell solar energy either back to the grid by net metering or to a neighbor on Nimray network

Competitive Advantage

We are taking the first movers advantage in this domain, this is a fairly new use case of Blockchain in solar energy space.

Planned Goals and Milestones

We are finding more and more innovative use of Nimray network for helping people in poverty, lit up schools with clean energy, finding more use cases where we can deploy Nimray all over the world. Especially in developing countries.
Funding Goal1,000,000
New Implemented CountriesJapan, India, France, South Africa, Singapore
Recruit2 adviser, experts( finance and technical)
New FeatureTurn any roof space/land into a clean energy generating microgrid.


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Mar 2019
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