Updated Feb 17, 2020

Deaf Outreach Program (DEAFOP)

Mainstreaming Deaf and Disability Right in development though leveraging on media and technology as as tools of Advocacy as well as building partnership with Deaf learning institution as platform for ,GBV and SRHR education


Ann Gloria njoki

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Stage 3: Proof of Concept

1. SRHR-Sign language App has an active download of 200 persons within a period of less than one year 2. in use of Films, we have had an active reach of 2000 persons and currently up-scaling to TV production of GBV edutainment Series

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Focus Areas:

Gender-based Violence, Disability and Education

Gender-based Violence, Disability and EducationSEE LESS

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Deafness can be termed as an invisible disability ,which unless one interacts with a Deaf person one may not get to know of the challenges that a Deaf persons goes through, Majority of this problem emanates from communication barrier that exist between Deaf person and Hearing person making accessibility of information difficult and at time unavailable ,hence vulnerable to being left behind in development issues as well as being vulnerable to Gender based Violence which we seek to address .



We have adopted a four Tier Solution in advancing Deaf Right inclusion and reduction of Gender based violence among them being 1 .Adopting Film as a mode of edutainment on issues of Gender based violence and deaf right in Sign language 2.Development of SRHR-sign language App 3 .Partnering with Deaf learning Institution in building the capacity of SRHR champions and SRHR clubs 4.Partnering with Private and Government institution in mainstreaming of Disability right to PWD

Target Beneficiaries

Our Innovation main Clientele are 1. Deaf Youths and Adolescents 2. Parent/Care Givers of Deaf Children 3. persons with other forms if disabilities 4. Government institutions as the main Duty bearers for ensuring inclusion of PWD

Mission and Vision

Through Our Innovations And advocacy approaches we hope to see an inclusive society where Deaf Persons can easily access SRHR information and make informed decision among them being refusal of any form of Gender based violence

Innovation Description

In order to tackle the lack of information and isolation faced by deaf individuals in Kenya, Deaf Outreach has worked to use technology in an innovative way to reach out, educate and build a community between individuals. This has included a short film (made to be deaf-friendly) which has been shown in deaf schools and on Kenya's only deaf-friendly TV station, depicting a case of gender-based violence (GBV) against a deaf girl. The screenings are followed by conversations around GBV against people with disabilities (PWDs) and the right responses. Deaf Outreach has also organised radio programmes around the particular sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) and GBV issues faced by PWDs. Most recently, Deaf Outreach has designed the first ever app designed specifically for deaf individuals across Kenya. Given that mobile phone ownership has now reached 100% across households in Kenya this is a powerful way of reaching isolated individuals looking for information. The app has short videos and information sections in Kenyan sign language around SRHR topics, ranging from abortion, menstrual health, puberty, GBV and the legal support that victims can seek.

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