Updated Jun 25, 2019

Dash Crop Limited

Value addition for orphan crops


Dashcrop Limited

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Stage 4: Transition to Scale

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Western Kenya is prevalent in farming of drought resistant crops such as sorghum, amarantha, cassava and other crops. The farmers have one bulk buyer of these products that is Kenya brewries limited. Due to this aggregation of farmers is quite prevalent. Alternative buysers in this industry tend to diversify income points for this farmers assuaring them of stabel income in future.



Dash crop offers value addition of this crops into fortified flours that are sold at a favoruable price giving vale to farmers and to the company

Target Beneficiaries

Urban Middle Class

Mission and Vision

Mission: to support sustainable agribusiness among farmers in the region of Western Kenya. Vision:Sustained agribusiness and value chain development among small holder farmers resulting in economic stability.

Innovation Description

Dash Crop is an agribusiness company working with smallholder farmers across five counties as a commercial aggregator, targeting the cassava, millet, amaranth and sorghum value chains. The company empowers farmers to grow the so-called orphan crops (cassava, millet and sorghum) whic are also drought resilient alomg with amaranth and aggregates the farmer produce. It then processes a blend of nutritious flours. Cure


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