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D-tree International

Improving healthcare quality and access by using a holistic, systems thinking, approach to design and implement flexible digital solutions, leveraging 15 years of health and technology expertise in 12 countries.


Rebecca Litner

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Stage 5: Scaling

With 15 years of experience in 12 countries, we have been able to test and refine our approach in various settings. We are now refining our innovation and applying it to existing and upcoming projects as we scale our work and impact.

Registered in Malawi.

Focus Areas:

Maternal Newborn and Child Health, Digital Inclusion & Connectivity and Data/Analytics

Maternal Newborn and Child Health, Digital Inclusion & Connectivity and Data/AnalyticsSEE LESS

Implemented In:

Tanzania and Malawi

Tanzania and MalawiSEE LESS

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At 8 months pregnant, a woman has severe vaginal bleeding and labor pains. She lives in a rural village in Zanzibar, and her family has not saved enough money for a hospital visit. Her family asks friends for loans and they eventually make it to a hospital, but there are no health workers available and she is turned away. The health system fails this woman and her family, a common scenario. This woman, and so many others, deserve more.



At D-tree International, we believe that no one should die because the health system fails them, so we developed an approach to strengthen systems and save lives. Our approach transforms health systems as they realize the full potential of technology on various components of the system- from front line health workers, to supervisors and program managers. The result: clarity, quality and coordination within health systems and better healthcare access for communities globally.

Target Beneficiaries

5M people in low and middle-income countries with risk of preventable death due to lack of quality healthcare. Learn about one beneficiary, Sabrina https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EPzws1KNrOk. With our award-winning Safer Deliveries program, this high-risk pregnant woman delivered safely.

Mission and Vision

Mission: Providing better health care systems. With partners, we innovate technology and processes to improve program quality and efficiency.

Vision: A world in which all communities globally have access to high quality healthcare, without barriers; low health worker motivation, lack of cultural norms for healthcare, limited accountability, inefficient allocation of resources and more.

Innovation Description

Our innovation is to help organizations realize better outcomes and experience the full potential of strong digital solutions and system processes to improve healthcare service delivery and patient outcomes. We do this by thinking about the entire system and by engaging various stakeholders from program inception through design, development and implementation.

One example is our maternal health solution in Zanzibar, where we have been working closely with the Ministry of Health and other stakeholders since 2011 to implement a community-based maternal and newborn health system with evidence-based protocols and guidelines within a mobile platform. Utilizing the mobile platform, community health workers assess and counsel mothers as they plan for their delivery. This program has proven successful- we have seen improvements in facility delivery by 50% and a four-fold increase in post-partum visits. Due to the success and confidence from the Ministry of Health and other partners, we have recently received $6 million in funding to scale the solution nationally, reaching women and children in all of Zanzibar.

We have been able to achieve this success because of our excellent team. 75% of D-tree staff live in a developing country close to our work, so they can fully understand the context of the system. Our global team is comprised of people with diverse skills who bring the public health and technical perspectives needed to innovate and execute.

Competitive Advantage

With 15 years of experience, we understand the varying complexities of health care systems and have the sensitivity and versatility to innovate for a unique location or project.

o We provide flexibility to partners and solutions tailored to the context.

o We understand the systems view and consider various components to make sure any solution realizes maximum benefits with the cooperation of various stakeholders: governments, program managers, hospital workers, community health workers, and patients.

o We have an exceptional team of technology and public health professionals, who design with the user, with a health and technology perspective, and with compassion.

Planned Goals and Milestones

To increase our reach and transform health systems, we are accelerating our innovation, building on lessons learned over the last 15 years. We are identifying innovative ways to apply our systems approach to new countries and program areas. With our capacity to grow and the potential for healthcare impact, we believe that in 5 years, we can increase our reach by 10-fold to support 100 million people in 20 countries.

Funding Goal5,000,000
Projected Cumulative Lives Impacted100,000,000
New Implemented CountriesLiberia, Zambia, Thailand
RecruitBusiness development, Fundraising, HR/People Operations, Marketing, Communications, Compliance/ Grants managers, Global program managers
New FeatureIncreased flexibility, versatility and sensitivity in how we design, develop and implement transformative healthcare systems, as we work with high levels of professionalism and compassion throughout partnerships.


May 2018
Funds RaisedVERIFIED
TITLEMaisha Salama: Expanding a Digital Health Platform Delivering a Continuum of Care to Support ECD in Zanzibar
Pre-primary/Pre-school/ECD Education
Mar 2018
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New leadership, systems thinking approach, and identity
Jan 2004
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