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Jacob Lewandowski

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Stage 4: Transition to Scale

Registered in United States.

Focus Areas:



Verified Funding


Hundreds of millions of people lack access to energy, and many households still rely on dangerous and dirty kerosene to light their homes. The large upfront costs of solar home systems make it difficult for customers with little savings or variable income streams to afford them.



d.light is one of the largest producers of solar lanterns and solar home systems. In 2012, the firm received a $1 million grant from USAID’s Development Innovation Ventures program, helping it develop its product, evaluate the use of pay-as-you go technology in Uganda, and sell its first 10,000 systems in that market. Globally, d.light has sold over 15 million solar lanterns and more than 300,000 solar home systems—half of which has been purchased by customers with pay-as-you-go financing.

Innovation Description

The revolutionary d.light X-series solar home system grows with your aspirations, powering multiple appliances, accessories, mobile phones and bright lights after just a single day of charge. Each unit comes bundled with a host of new innovations – a super-bright tube light, fully customizable lamp brightness, linkable bulbs, ultra-efficient appliances like TV – all powered by a zero-maintenance long-life battery that will over-deliver for years without needing replacement or servicing.

Planned Goals and Milestones

With a $1 million award fromScaling Off-Grid Energy: A Grand Challenge for Development, d.light is expanding into Kenya with a direct distribution model. The award will help d.light leverage existing networks to sell its products directly, rather than through an intermediary. With Scaling Off-Grid Energy’s investment, d.light is developing software, training materials, and a call center to support the new model.


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