Updated Apr 23, 2019

cStock: A system strengthening approach to making lifesaving commodities available to community health workers

cStock is a proven, supply chain strengthening approach for community health programs that combines mobile technology with user friendly dashboards and community IMPACT teams who meet regularly to review data and take action to prevent stock outs.


Sarah Andersson

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Stage 5: Scaling

cStock was original developed, deployed and scaled in Malawi from 2011 to 2014. The system is now fully owned by the Ministry of Health . This new project takes the cStock approach to Kenya using DHIS2 to adapt the approach to a new context.

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Every three seconds, a child’s death is prevented in the developing world, thanks to community health workers. CHWs support the goal of universal health coverage by reaching underserved populations with essential health care. Inconsistent supply and shortages of health commodities continues to hamper the success of these programs. Visible, responsive and effective supply chains are essential to the success of community based health programs.



The cStock approach first implemented in Malawi and now transitioning to Kenya uses simple mobile tools and web-based dashboards to support demand-based resupply procedures, better connect community health workers with their resupply facility and promote data use to improve availability of health products. In Kenya cStock has been built in DHIS2, an open source system, to provide an affordable, well designed supply chain system that can easily deployed by other countries and programs.

Target Beneficiaries

Mothers, children

Mission and Vision

Create an affordable solution that can be easily deployed with standard implementation tools to support community-based programs regionally and globally to ensure the availability of critical commodities to community health workers who are saving the lives of mothers and children.

Innovation Description

cStock has three components. AMobile toolthat supports demand-based resupply procedures and connects CHWs to their resupply facility. User-friendly dashboards to allow better visibility, accountability and transparency throughout the supply chain. CommunityIMPACT teams that monitor performance, improve data use and solve local supply chain challenges and highlight bigger issues up the system.

Competitive Advantage

cStock is more than technology and is more than a data collection tool. cStock is an supply chain approach with three key principles. cStock is a flexible solution where users can interact with the system using whatever technology is available to them - feature or smart phone, computers, tablets. cStock links stock reporting to resupply processes; stock data reported by CHVs is used to calculate resupply based on consumption trends, it also triggers messages to their supervisors to ask them to take actions to resupply or address emergency orders. IMPACT Teams are formed to link community health workers with their supervisors and the facility that supplies them. These teams create a culture of data use, problem solving, and action planning.


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