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Stage 4: Transition to Scale

The iF Foundation currently provides 0% interest financing, access to inputs, technical assistance and market access to 1576 farmers (284 women). It conducts variety and methods research to identify new opportunities for smallholder farmers.

Focus Areas:

Agriculture, Economic Growth and Trade and Social Development

Agriculture, Economic Growth and Trade and Social DevelopmentSEE LESS

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Smallholder farmers in Haiti do not have access to quality inputs especially seed, credit, technical assistance, market access or information on new approaches to improving field performance and increasing farm family revenue. They do not have basic information such as weather data, soil nutrients and microorganisms, true cost of production, etc. to help guide cropping decisions. This has hampered their ability to provide for the most basic needs of their families or respond to climate change.



Our program addresses the root causes of the continuing impoverishment of subsistence farmers. We provide loans for inputs at 0% interest. We source quality seed and do germination testing prior to distribution to farmers. We provide mechanized services for land preparation so that fields are ready to plant in time. Our extension team provides regular technical assistance. We link farmers to commercial markets and aggregate/transport harvest. Ongoing research looks at ways to improve outcomes.

Target Beneficiaries

Our primary beneficiaries are smallholder farmers in northern Haiti and their families. The secondary beneficiaries are other producer groups and farmers who can use the knowledge and experience generated by iF Foundation activities to make improvements in their own agricultural systems. We offer free training for composting, vermiculture, grafting, etc. to provide additional tools for increasing farm family revenue. Tertiary beneficiaries are the student interns who do three-month rotations.

Mission and Vision

We hope to define a model that can transition the mindset and outcomes of subsistence farmers so that they view their fields as a business opportunity and have the tools and information they need to maximize the return on investment of their time, energy, capital and hopes. Our focus is to increase farm family revenue. Our mission is to transform the region.

Innovation Description

The innovative approach has transitioned farming from a "loss leader" to a one with true profit potential. Farmers now understand the true cost of production and have the information they require to make better decisions about what to plant, when to plant and where to plant. They no longer complain about not making money. They now complain about not making enough money. That is tangible progress in a country like Haiti where evidence of progress for farmers is difficult to find.

Competitive Advantage

Our main competitive advantage is good management in Haiti and a work culture that fosters optimism and success. Being embedded in the community we serve allows us to develop the level of trust that is necessary for farmers who are culturally risk-averse to consider making changes that run counter to traditional agricultural practices. Another key advantage is access to a broad range of technical partners in the United States working pro bono who believe in our mission and understand the challenges we face on a daily basis.

Planned Goals and Milestones

We must assess all options for dealing with the negative impact of climate change on our farmers. Soil fertility and water management are big challenges but small trials have defined a path forward that follows the basic tenets of conservation agriculture and provide durable solutions for our farmers.
Funding Goal750,000
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