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Mobile Connectivity for Off-Grid Markets with vulnerable populations

Vanu, Inc. is a provider of mobile communications solution that allows mobile network operators to provide service in rural areas or places that lack coverage in Africa, Asia, the U.S. and globally.

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Elizabeth Griffin

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Stage 6: Sustainable Scale

Vanu, Inc. is a provider of mobile communications solution that allows mobile network operators to provide service in rural areas or places that lack coverage in Africa, Asia, the U.S. and globally.

Registered in United States.

Focus Areas:

Digital Development, Communication with Communities, Technology and 4 MoreSEE ALL

Digital Development, Communication with Communities, Technology, Economic Growth and Trade, Digital Inclusion & Connectivity, Inclusive Education and Digital FinanceSEE LESS

Implemented In:

Cameroon, Canada, Congo, Democratic Republic of the and 6 MoreSEE ALL

Cameroon, Canada, Congo, Democratic Republic of the, Ghana, Madagascar, Netherlands, United States, India and RwandaSEE LESS

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1.2 billion people in the world who currently lack connectivity and therefore are disadvantaged when it comes to access to better education, health care, financial inclusion, contact with family and friends and overall opportunity for themselves and their children.



Vanu offers technology based in software and a small cell network architecture and a a wholesale business model capable of profitably connecting the unconnected in areas where it had not previously been possible from a technological and financial standpoint by local Mobile Network Operators. Vanu proposes to close the digital divide by providing new technology solutions and a business model based on small-cell network architecture, wholesale network operations and solar power.

Target Beneficiaries

Rural communities that currently lack access to cellular connectivity. Examples: a farmer who can use his/her mobile phone with our cellular connectivity to check the internet for the best prices for their crops; the school children who can use digital learning that reaches beyond the walls (and limited resources) of their rural classroom to expand their education; and members of the Nasho Valley in Rwanda who can now call for an ambulance because our network covers their rural hospital.

Mission and Vision

Connectivity is essential to the development of lesser developed areas. The best way to maximize prospects for individuals born in areas with little in the way of resources is to give them resources such as improved education, healthcare, government services, financial services and other services through connectivity.

Innovation Description

The billion people in the world without connectivity are being left behind at a rapid rate as the rest of the world quickly moves to an online digital economy. Traditional models for building cellular networks cannot profitably serve the last billion. mobile operators cannot expand their network to even lower population density areas. The Coverage as a Service approach that Vanu has pioneered is critical to expanding wireless connectivity to the rest of the population.In order to do this, Vanu pioneered a combination of technical and business innovation to provide economically viable service to uncovered rural areas. Lack of connectivity means that there are 1.2 billion people unable to take advantage of the educational, health care, governance, identity and business ecosystems inherent with mobility. Likewise, for completely logical economic reasons, MNOs have yet to access the estimated $32 billion annual market comprised of underserved or unserved populations. Disruption is now the best possible outcome for all involved in this equation and Vanu is now in its best possible position to be that disruptive force.

Competitive Advantage

The combination of Vanu’s small-cell technology & deployment tools changes the equation for Mobile Network operators.

Planned Goals and Milestones

We would like to expand our business by bringing our mobile cellular networks to more countries in Africa, Asia and around the world. We would like to cover 20 million people with connectivity by 2020.
Funding Goal1,000,000
New Implemented CountriesNigeria, Timor-Leste, Uganda

The Team Behind the Innovation

Andrew Beard is CEO and Co-Founder of VANU, Inc. Prior to serving as CEO, Andrew served as Chief Operating Officer from the inception of the company, with responsibility for oversight of all operations, including sales, engineering, support, finance, production. Debi Aubee is Global VP of Sales and Support and leads all sales efforts. Elizabeth Griffin is the Senior Assistant to the CEO and Director of Social Media. Anthony Masozera is President of Vanu Rwanda & Anoj Singh is AVP of Vanu India,




Jun 2019
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New Country Implemented In
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