Updated Jul 03, 2018

Save the Children Emergency Prep: Voice Activation Amazon Alexa Skill

Part of Save the Children

Our innovation capitalizes on the emerging Voice Activation technology trend, creating an emergency-based skill for Amazon's Echo device that would generate a continuous flow of emergency funds to be used as needed to protect vulnerable children.

Sarah Binger

Registered in United States.

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Communications and Media, Digital Development and Humanitarian Assistance

Communications and Media, Digital Development and Humanitarian AssistanceSEE LESS

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United States

United StatesSEE LESS

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Comscore predicts that by 2020, voice activated searches will make up 50% if all online searches. Advanced voice devices, such as Amazon Echo, utilize voice to be the primary interface for the connected home. We need to provide an option for donots to use these voice devices to learn about Save the Children's emergency responses and to make a donation immediately after an emergency hits.



Charlie Alert -- an embedded app within voice devices -- would alert individuals right away about our emergency response and provide a platform to donate immediately. In the event of a rapid onset emergency, Save the Children would be first to market with messaging and appeals.

Innovation Description

Our innovation would create a Save the Children Emergency Prep Alexa Skill providing listeners with a list of the critical items they need and steps they should take to protect their families and loved ones in the even of an emergency. They would also be given appropriate narrative to talk to their children regarding emergency situations. At the end of the Save the Children Emergency Prep Skill there would be a call to action to help children around the world in emergency situations. This would enable caring people to donate immediately and children would not have to wait one more second for help to be on its way.

Competitive Advantage

This innovation is evolutionary as peers are just beginning to offer voice activated options, but it is distinct from our peers because we are linking our Alexa Skill to emergencies and fundraising, which has not yet been done. Peers have not yet figured out how to optimize this technology so we are still in the early stages.


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