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Enabling millions of urban low-income women with an AI-based pregnancy care solution


Aditya Kulkarni

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Stage 4: Transition to Scale

CareMother is already implemented in 11 states of India with 30+ healthcare partners covering more than 35000 pregnancies. We are in the process of scaling up our per-pregnancy based model across India and other countries.

Focus Areas:

Maternal Newborn and Child Health, Medical Devices and Health Systems

Maternal Newborn and Child Health, Medical Devices and Health SystemsSEE LESS

Implemented In:

Bangladesh, India and Kenya

Bangladesh, India and KenyaSEE LESS

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In India alone, there are more than five million high-risk pregnancies every year. Studies show that regular antenatal care can reduce neonatal death and disease. However, frontline health workers in India can only provide 21 percent of antenatal care coverage, and routine fetal monitoring is limited, which contributes to 600,000 stillbirths and 3.5 million premature babies born every year.



CareMother built a mobile care program that provides home-based and center-based antenatal tests. In this program, frontline health workers use antenatal test kit and a portable fetal heart monitor that uses machine learning to predict fetal health outcomes. Frontline health workers run tests and transfer data to doctors in real time—enabling remote monitoring by gynecologists. Health workers can make informed decisions and refer mothers for timely intervention, improving neonatal outcomes.

Target Beneficiaries

30 million pregnancies happen each year in India. We are increasing antenatal coverage from 20% to 100% to save at least 60% maternal & child mortality/morbidity through preventive approach.

Mission and Vision

Vision: Democratize pregnancy-care by harnessing the power of AI to place personalized healthcare into the hands of every mother on earth Mission: PHASE 1- Personalized pregnancy care platform to engage, empower and enable personalized pregnancy experience through AI PHASE 2- Smart women healthcare platform to bring ownership of care in the hands of every women

Innovation Description

CareMother includes a mobile application (app), web portal and portable digital diagnostics kit carried by health workers to perform doorstep diagnosis and tests for pregnant women. Mobile app helps health-workers at field with decision support tool and with algorithm in the app, once the test data is entered, doctors at other end are able to early identify high risk pregnancies and can intervene on priority. Automated follow-up and gestational age based intervention for health-workers, education and awareness content for mothers is generated in multiple languages. By equipping the health-workers with a mobile app; CareMother increases the accessibility of health system. Moreover by providing the doorstep services and recording the data digitally, it reduces the operational cost and improves the quality of the healthcare provided on the basis of more precise data. Thereby CareMother helps to overcome three important challenges faced by Public Healthcare System i.e. Access, Quality and Cost.

Competitive Advantage

I. Single platform for stakeholders: CareMother is a unique platform which brings all the stakeholders like mothers, ANMs/Health Workers, Medical Officers/Doctors together. As per the user roles the app has various different benefits for each and every kind of user. II. Smart tool and companion for ANMs: CareMother is primarily designed for ANMs and medical officers as it helps them record the digitally and have the access at any time. Moreover, the AI based features such as auto- generation of next ANC visit, expected date of delivery etc. helps them to have the track of their activities and plan the future steps accordingly. Also the flagging the high-risk parameters helps them take decisions immediately. III. Engaging Mothers: For the mothers it’s an IEC tool which provides them vital information needed during pregnancy. For example, do’s and dont’s, preventive measures, trimester wise exercises and nutrition for a positive pregnancy etc.

Planned Goals and Milestones

Develop an ecosystem which engages, empowers and enables pregnant mother to avail personalized healthcare access. This ecosystem provides positive and safe pregnancy experience by keeping mother connected to mainstream health facilities, have healthcare data available digitally and preventive antenatal check-up program to ensure healthcare access & care. We envision to reach out to 3 million pregnancies over next 5 years.
Funding Goal3,000,000
Projected Cumulative Lives Impacted3,000,000
New Implemented CountriesAfghanistan, Bangladesh, Tanzania
Recruit10 management, 10 developers and 20 second level staff
New FeaturePersonalized content delivery and assistant chat bot, search engine and video content + homeCare for high risk patients

The Team Behind the Innovation

Aditya & Shantanu (founders) have tech & management background. Duo has received international recognitions for several innovations. Rest workforce consist of highly interdisciplinary team of scientists, biomedical & public health experts and management. Each team member has worked on technologies involved in healthcare domain through various platforms in the past. Also the team has experience of developing and commercializing a product related to maternal and child health since last 4+ years


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Maternal Newborn and Child Health
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Bangladesh, Kenya and India
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