Updated Mar 09, 2020

Care 2 Communities (C2C)

Care 2 Communities saves lives by bringing high-quality primary healthcare to poor and low-income communities in Haiti, and ensuring that our services are sustainable over time.


Scott Schroeder

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Stage 4: Transition to Scale

We have just opened our seventh clinic and are looking to expand our network further into other departments within Haiti. We aim to reach 50,000+ patients annually and achieve 100% cost recovery at all clinics.
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Focus Areas:

Primary Care, Maternal Newborn and Child Health and Public-Private Partnerships

Primary Care, Maternal Newborn and Child Health and Public-Private PartnershipsSEE LESS

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Finding quality healthcare in Haiti can be extremely challenging. Patients must travel great distances to reach a medical facility that is often under-staffed and under-resourced. Clinics, pharmacies, and labs are often in separate locations requiring multiple patient visits to receive treatment.



C2C’s innovative model is changing how healthcare is done in Haiti by bringing high-quality primary care services to vulnerable communities. Each of our clinics is a “one-stop-shop” for comprehensive services, providing patients with high-quality care through physician consultations, on-site pharmacies, and on-site lab testing. We believe that long-term sustainability is predicated on localizing the business though local clinical staff and supply chains.

Target Beneficiaries

Income of Population Served: Low-income

Mission and Vision

Our Vision: C2C envisions accessible, affordable, high-quality healthcare for every family in Haiti—today and in the future. Our Mission: C2C works to create a model for sustainable, community-based healthcare in Haiti that transforms the status quo, meets the needs of poor and low-income people, and empowers families to lead healthier lives.

Innovation Description

C2C's clinic model features physician and nursing care, comprehensive diagnostics and pharmacy services on-site, community health education, and a partnership with the Haitian Ministry of Health to extend free priority service programs (family planning and immunizations).

Planned Goals and Milestones

In a landscape of under-resourced, low-quality clinics, C2C sets itself apart with a commitment to the highest standard of care. We have three central goals: •To guarantee that poor families are able to access to high-quality health services •To improve health outcomes for local communities by treating illness, preventing disease, and addressing the most urgent local health threats •To create viable social businesses that ensure health services to a community in perpetuity

The Team Behind the Innovation

As a part of our commitment to truly sustainable healthcare that bolsters the local economy, our staff is made up of 95% local clinical staff who live in the communities that they serve.



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