Updated Feb 13, 2019

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Building a new channel for delivering alternative mental health care treatments to Filipino children with mood disorders

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Boikanyo Outule

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Stage 3: Proof of Concept

Registered in Canada.

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Innovation Description

The project tests the creation of a social enterprise that will enable the delivery of alternative mental health treatment to children in the Philippines with mood disorders.
How does your innovation work?
This enterprise, ultimately national in scope, will hire and train para-professional staff, and provide treatment on a sliding scale of payments in which poorer clients would pay very little for their care. The project will focus initially on children whose backgrounds present severe challenges to their mental health, for example children in chronic poverty or difficult circumstances, or children who have experienced trauma, abuse and other forms of crisis.

Planned Goals and Milestones

As a first step, in a trial to be carried out by a team at the Bulatao Center for Psychology Services at Ateneo de Manila University, led by Dr. Mira Ofreneo, we will test the efficacy of para-professionals in delivering the primary proposed modality of care, mindfulness-based therapy.


Oct 2014
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