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Broadclass-Listen to Learn

Part of POWER99 Foundation

The aim of program is to provide quality education, promote problem solving & critical thinking, support emotional development, instill conflict prevention & resolution skills in young children through Interactive Radio Instruction

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Stage 6: Sustainable Scale

POWER99 Foundation is registered as non-profit organization under Section 42 of the Companies Ordinance 1984. Since its inception, POWER 99 Foundation is working on various children programs in collaboration with The Communicators (Pvt.) Limited.We have piloted an interactive radio instruction project ,Broadclass-Listen to Learn, in 120 public schools of Islamabad.The pilot was a great success and we rolled it out to other areas including Vehari district of South Punjab, Abbottabad and Haripur districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. We are now in discussions with the Baluchistan provincial government to introduce Broadclass in public schools of Quetta too.
Recently Broadclass has been successfully implemented in selected public schools of Abbottabad (KPK). Right now program has been rolled out to Religious schools in Sheikhupura (Punjab). POWER99 foundation is now in discussions with the Baluchistan provincial government to introduce Broadclass in public schools of Quetta too.
Broadclass has shown positive impact on the listening and Speaking skills as well as the numeracy, and life skills. It has also improved teacher education and professional development, classroom support to teachers, students' interest in classroom and increased attendance rate and student-teacher interaction. It has also helped to improve collaboration among all education stakeholders in the target areas. The program has benefitted 2592 Teachers/Heads, 1848 classrooms of 660 public schools, 80000 children, 73 education officials and 12598 community/parent and SMC members. The program has access to more than 3.5 million people within the coverage area of radio by virtue of its public broadcast. The program has a large number of indirect beneficiaries (parents, out of school children, communities and private school children and teachers) as well in the areas of (Haripur) KPK, (Vehari) South Punjab and Islamabad.

Registered in Pakistan.

Focus Areas:

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Pakistan has estimated 5.03 million children of primary-school-going age out of school. The public schooling system is mired in problems & most alarming is poor quality of education being imparted. The classrooms are dull & dreary discouraging creative thinking and democratic values. 34% percentage of students dropout before completion of Primary. Especially worrying is the lack of parental and community participation in schools & schools function in isolation.



"Broad Class- Listen to Learn" Interactive Radio Instruction is outreach program aims to improve literacy, numeracy & healthy habits among young children. It employs fun & interactive format designed to increase access to quality education for learners. The content covers all basic skills in curriculum (including literacy, numeracy, English & life skills).

Target Beneficiaries

The program has benefited 74,926 children of 2,067 classrooms (KG, Grade I & Grade II) , 2898 heads & teachers of 723 schools, 139 education supervisors, 18,823 members of school councils, parents and community members.

Mission and Vision

POWER99 Foundation envisions an educated and non-violent society of Pakistan where people respect diversity, human rights and resolve their conflicts non-violently. The mission of POWER99 Foundation is to transform Pakistani education system into effective tool for providing modern knowledge, critical and scientific thinking skills and non-violent behaviors for peaceful coexistence.

Innovation Description

Broadclass Listen To Learn is an outreach interactive radio instruction that improves active listening, learning, numeracy and life skills among the relegated segment of societies. The ultimate goals of program are to promote quality, equity, Inclusiveness, access and affordability for children, especially girls of marginalized society.
How does your innovation work?
“Broad Class – Listen to Learn” Interactive Radio Instruction program is designed in such a way that improves educational quality and teaching practices in schools and delivers a complete basic education to learners. The program is designed to be part of a comprehensive, multichannel learning system. Multichannel learning is based on the belief that successful learning is more likely when more than one channel is used because people learn in various ways and through various means. The paths, or channels, that connect learners to knowledge and skills are numerous: teachers and facilitators, other learners, family and community members, educational materials, and media of all kinds. In addition to radio-delivered instruction, IRI enriches the learning environment by engaging resources already available (including, for example, teachers, local cultural artifacts such as songs, games and the environment, instructional materials in the classroom such as books and the blackboard, the expertise of local community members, and locally available materials such as bottle tops and sticks) to create a blend of good teaching and learning practice. This structure puts main weight of the teaching on the radio teacher who directs contents of the lesson activities( group activity ,pair activity, color game, ladder game letters, stories, rhymes, pass the ball game etc.) that take place during carefully timed pauses in the audio script. The class room teacher’s role is to facilitate the lesson, give individual assistance to learners and provide follow up support after the component is finished. Teacher’s guide is provided for instructional assistance to the in class teachers. The program encourages classroom teachers to use native language of the students to make things more clear and understandable. The process involves four way communications as shown below Radio teacher- in class teacher Radio teacher- students In class teacher- students Students-studentsThe program broadcasts 2 introductory, 75 lessons each for KG-Grade I &II daily across the target region on FM99 Radio Service throughout whole academic year except exams/holidays. The total number of programs for KG, Grade I and Grade II is 150 lessons. Total airing time is 152 days and 87 hours. Apart from the target schools, any school with a radio can receive and use the lessons by simply tune into FM99, The program provides targeted schools with rechargeable batteries radios and teachers guides. In addition, the project has trained a cadre of outreach coordinators for each targeted region who in turn train teachers through 40 hours of training on how best to use and care for the radios and to integrate the programs into the classrooms. The project has also developed basic monitoring and evaluation tools to track the impact of the programs, such as attendance sheets and pre/post-tests, school profile, classroom observation forms, teacher’s reflection sheet, knowledge assessment and parents’ satisfaction survey forms. Master Trainers and program team pay regular visits to target classroom to facilitate teacher in practical implementation of program activities and Classroom observation.

Competitive Advantage

nteractive Radio Instruction (IRI), an instructional tool designed to deliver active learning by radio. It improves both educational quality and teaching practices in classrooms and increased access for out-of school learners. Audio lessons guide teacher/facilitator & students through activities, games, & exercises that teach carefully organized knowledge & skills. During short pauses built into the radio scripts, teachers and students participate in the radio program, often more than 100 times during lesson, reacting verbally/ physically to questions/exercises posed by radio characters. Learners also participate in group work, experiments & other activities suggested by the program. Program exposes learners to regular, curriculum-based content and models effective teaching & activities for teachers & promotes quality learning in diverse environments, including shortages of qualified teachers, school infrastructure/learning materials.

Planned Goals and Milestones

The organisation plans a two pronged strategy (both horizontal & vertical) for scale-up of program. Horizontal will focus on tailoring program to specific geographical & regional contexts for expanding outreach to other geographic areas where there is need for quality education for young children.Verticalwill focus on enrichment & development of content lesson based on National Curriculum for upper grades (Grade III and above)
Funding Goal4,000,000
Projected Cumulative Lives Impacted250,000
New Implemented CountriesAfghanistan
Recruit3 Board of Directors, 4 Management and 10 staff


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“Broad Class – Listen to Learn” and declared it ‘minor revolution in the field of education’ by DW
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