Updated Sep 05, 2019

Biofi Medical Healthcare India Pvt Ltd

Diabetes Management Simplified


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Stage 3: Proof of Concept


Our proposed solution is a class apart from the existing solutions. The current conventional diabetes monitoring devices come with the following pain points. •They are invasive, painful, and cause discomfort •They have low glucose selectivity •They are uneconomical –refill strips required •Continuous monitoring is not an easy option •Potential infection from blood extraction points •There is no data-driven inference possible to find what habits stabilize the individual’s glucose level

Innovation Description

4.Biofi aims to produce an affordable device to commons, non-invasive, continuous glucose monitoring device with high precision and accuracy coupled with data driven decision making. Biofi is working on near-infra red spectroscopy to measure glucose values non-invasively without withdrawing blood from the body, hence the need of recurring consumables and cost is eradicated. The device will be user- friendly, pain-free with no risk of infections and will provide the glucose readings with the click of a button. Globally, there are 600 million diabetics and about 1 billion pre-diabetics, making them a targeted market. To reach masses of such number, Biofi has officially teamed up with Osram and Kyocera for large scale manufacturing and marketing across the globe. To secure the product Biofi has applied for Provisional patent application on March 13, 2019. On or before March 20, 2020 we must file complete patent application, and are on process of filing complete patent. Parallel to this, we will also apply for Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) which includes 154 countries like USA, China, Japan and Europe etc, opening a gateway into countries across the globe. Looking at the big picture, to improve the health services on a long-term basis and deliver clinical and financial benefits. Biofi will utilize clinical data-driven technology for early detection of diabetic complications, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and various other diseases or disorders.

Competitive Advantage

The device has its own unique, design, principle & algorithm. The design of the device is paramount in glucose detection. Firstly, mechanical design of the device obstructs stray light entering device and creates an occlusion in the finger to enhance the optical properties and to create a localized blood flow to sensitize the finger. Secondly, the emitter detector arrangement is 3d planar structure where a single emitter is surrounded by multiple detectors to support bidirectional reflectance distribution function to attain maximum reflected light back to the detector and to eradicate skin roughness. Our device uses a highly specific wavelength with unique viewing angle, irradiance, and intensity in the NIR region to measure the glucose concentration in blood. The device uses a visible range wavelength to enhance the optical properties of the finger, and to self-calibrate the device. The unique chemometric model will then convert the sensor data to a glucose value. The model is highly specific, as it considers many physiological parameters such as skin temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, skin precipitation, comorbidities, pulse rate and humidity. Data driven diabetic management: Helps diabetes to understand better about their metabolism and lead the healthy life be adopting the lifestyle through diet management and fitness management. We create the market space which helps diabetes to get a necessary help from physicians or from hospitals and pharmacy on the need basis.