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International Research & Development Africa Ltd

We manufacture & distribute the Bio Moto Cooker, a low cost, sustainable alcohol fuel, fast cooking alternative to wood fuel targeting 1.8 Billion people in the developing world that aspire for, but cannot afford clean, safe, healthy cooking.


James Kariuki

Stage 3: Proof of Concept

Kenya Utility model patent granted January 2017. 116 hand made prototypes sold in 1 week. Overwhelming demand. 3046 intent to buy customers & trade partners registered. Bootstrapping to build an efficient 200 cooker/day production line .

Focus Areas:

Biomass/BioFuel, Clean Cooking, Climate Change and Resilience and 4 MoreSEE ALL

Biomass/BioFuel, Clean Cooking, Climate Change and Resilience, Entrepreneurship, Health, Economic Empowerment and Gender EquitySEE LESS

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I am passionate about scaling Bio Moto to equalize universal access to affordable clean cooking. 80% of households in the developing world cannot afford fixed package LPG & Electricity and rely on unsustainable wood fuel used in inefficient, unsafe, smoke polluting and carbon monoxide emitting cook stoves that cause 4 million premature deaths worldwide. 15,000 deaths and 6 million respiratory patients in Kenya cost the exchequer sh.12 Billion to manage annually.



Bio Moto is a unique, disruptive, anhydrous alcohol fuel cooker . Inspirational, no smoke soot or Carbon monoxide emissions. Co-developed and iterated incrementally during customer development. A low cost sustainable alternative to LPG. It is 60% cheaper to cook than charcoal. Sustainable, affordable, anhydrous alcohol fuel is manufactured from sugar industry's waste molasses promoting industrial symbiosis. Each single burner cooker is estimated to displace two tons carbon emissions/year

Target Beneficiaries

5.5 million pre urban & urban house holds in Kenya earning above $3 daily and 1.8 billion in the developing world that cannot afford to purchase fixed package LPG & Electricity to cook & purchase small quantities of expensive charcoal & kerosene. Mitigate 4 million/ year premature smoke pollution deaths worldwide. 15,000 and 6 million respiratory patients occur in Kenya. Value chain create jobs & incomes, mitigate climate change and address Sustainable Development Goals.

Mission and Vision

Mission. Equalize access to affordable, efficient, sustainable clean cooking experience.

Vision. Democratize universal access to sustainable, healthy, safe, fast cooking.

Innovation Description

Bio Moto is a unique design, high thermal efficiency, minimum viable product, alcohol fuel cooker. Powerful 0.8KW- 4.0 KW four stage variable power regulator and turn down cooker, Instant ignition, fuel leak and explosion proof design. Boils a liter of water in 7 minutes compared to 35 minutes it takes to power a charcoal stove. Designed with a heat guard to protect against accidental burns. 0.75 liter fuel at K.sh 40 [USD 0.4] cooks the same amount of food as 1Kg charcoal at Sh 100 [USD 1.0] It is 60% cheaper to cook. Saving consumers time and money. The alcohol fuels simple two carbon molecule formula achieves extremely low combustion emission levels lower that the World Health Organizations guidelines. With no carbon monoxide emissions. Bio Moto is one of the cleanest, safest and most thermal efficient cookers in the world. Sustainable anhydrous alcohol fuel is manufactured from sugar industry's waste molasses. Creating , capturing and delivering value from another industry's waste. Access and affordability is projected to benefit from ongoing 2nd generation cellulosic alcohol production and scale investments breakthroughs.

Competitive Advantage

1. Bio Moto is a low cost drop in alternative to LPG that every household aspires to experience.
2. Instant ignition, variable power control and turn down regulator.
3. No smoke, soot or carbon monoxide emissions.
4. Bio Moto Cooker Patent
5. Extremely durable, 5 year manufacturers warranty. Lifetime durability.
6. 60% fuel cost savings, healthy, safe, fast cooking experience compared to charcoal.
7. Affordable low cost fuel refills starting at 100ml for K sh. 6/- [USD 0.06] Compared to K.sh 750 [USD 7.5] for a 3 Kg LPG refill. 1Kg charcoal tin refill costs K sh 100/-[USD 1.0]
8. Bio Moto Cooker & Fuel Made in Kenya. Creating jobs, wealth and social security, Mitigate deforestation and climate change, displace imports to retain foreign exchange, potential to earn carbon credit after project registration.
9. We successfully lobbied the Government of Kenya to tax exempt, Customs Duty and VAT on all imported & locally procured clean cook stoves raw materials and manufacturing machinery in the 2018/19 National Budget statement.

Planned Goals and Milestones

1. Secure Capital Grant / Equity investment
2. Complete a 200/day Bio Moto cooker production line.
3. Acquire and retain the first 12,000 Bio Moto customers in 2019/20
5. Capture 15 % market share by 2019/20.
6. Carbon Market Registration, CER by 2020
7. Create a Liquidity event by 2020.
8. Scale in Kenya by 2021/22
9. Replicate at Scale in Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda,Ethiopia, Nigeria and Ghana progressively by 2035.
Funding Goal293,000
Projected Cumulative Lives Impacted300,000,000
New Implemented CountriesGhana, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Tanzania
RecruitBoard of Directors , Chief Operating Officer, Sales & Markaeting Manager, 3 Manufacturing 3 Technicians 2 Consultants
New FeatureCreate Commercial and Institutional Cooker models.


Sep 2018
Recognition ReceivedVERIFIED
Digital Pitch Contest 2018 Semi-Finalist
TITLEDigital Pitch Contest 2018 Semi-Finalist
Aug 2018
New Product or Service
30% completed manufacturing facility. Commercial & Institututional models successifully propotyped in the market.
Jun 2018
Key Partnership
Jan 2018
In the News
TITLELions Den Bio Moto Pitch Kenya Contest
Mar 2017
New Product or Service
116 hand made prototypes sold in market research, promotion & customer discovery survey. 3046 intent to purchase on production orders customer details & contacts registered
Jan 2017
Recognition ReceivedPENDING
TITLEUtility Model Patent Grant

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