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Beyond the Stars

A world-first health intervention that uses story and technology to combat non-communicable diseases.

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Tash Tan

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Stage 4: Transition to Scale

Focus Areas:

Nutrition, Non-communicable Diseases, Technology and 3 MoreSEE ALL

Nutrition, Non-communicable Diseases, Technology, Behavioural Development, Climate Change and Resilience and Digital DevelopmentSEE LESS

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Every year, more than 36 million people die worldwide due to NCDs. The burden continues to rise in low and lower middle-income countries where the poorest are often the most vulnerable. Sadly, the majority of NCD deaths are premature and preventable. While the problem is global, in the Pacific Islands it is more pronounced, with over 70% of deaths caused by NCDs. This has led Pacific Governments to declare an ‘NCD Crisis’ in the region.



Beyond the Stars combines storytelling and emerging technology with research, regional health policies and school curriculum to inspire long-term behaviour change in children. It is an innovative health intervention that addresses the behavioural risk factors associated with non-communicable diseases through storytelling and technology, and by doing so aim to reduce the levels of obesity, diabetes, hypertension and heart disease present in the regional population.

Target Beneficiaries

The millions of people around the world, and hundreds of thousands of Pacific Islanders that are impacted by NCDs which impose significant health burdens, and large but often preventable costs on individuals, households, communities and overstretched government budgets.

Mission and Vision

Short term: Impact the health and wellbeing of over 800,000 people - children and their families - over the next couple of years.

Long term: Prevent unnecessary death, health burden and emotional turmoil to families by empowering them with the knowledge and skills to make life-altering choices as they become heroes of their own future.

Innovation Description

Beyond the Stars is a world-first health intervention that combines storytelling, emerging technology, health research, regional policy and school curriculum to combat non-communicable diseases (NCDs) through behaviour change. Every year, more than 36 million people die from NCDs. Sadly, the majority of these deaths are premature and preventable. Global leaders and Pacific Governments are calling this the ‘NCD Crisis’. The continued increase in NCD rates year-on-year suggests that current health interventions are ineffective at producing long-term impact. Beyond the Stars however aims to tackle NCDs through something different. Its newfound approach combines learnings and data from nutritionists, global reports, regional eating guidelines, food composition tables and more, into a self-contained interactive technology-driven experience that inspires children to adopt healthy living habits, self-educate on subjects around health, nutrition and culture, and consider the impact their actions have on their environment. This immersive narrative empowers children with the knowledge and skills to make life-altering choices as they become heroes of their own future. The name ‘Beyond the Stars’ was inspired by Pacific Islanders who use the stars in the sky to find their way home; similarly, it was our goal to create a program that inspires future generations to find their way back to what matters most. Beyond the Stars is supported by both the Fijian and Australian Government.

Competitive Advantage

If stories are used to make people buy products or believe in brands, then why can’t they be used to solve some of the world’s most complex challenges like NCDs? This is the mandate that we at S1T2 have given ourselves. S1T2 stands for Story 1st, Technology 2nd. We are a creative technology company founded on the belief that technology can enrich the way we tell stories. Driven by a culture of exploration, the team at S1T2 comprises a group of passionate multidisciplinary experts currently working across an exotic list of technologies - from interactive installations to real-time visualisations, web applications to virtual and augmented realities. This unique makeup has allowed S1T2 to foster the kind of cognitive diversity required to develop revolutionary approaches to complex challenges around the world.


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