Updated Sep 05, 2019


Our solution involves business ,empowerment and entrepreneurship which exist to create jobs in Africa .


The innovation has no owner


Stage 3: Proof of Concept


Our solution exist to solve the problem of poverty in Africa through business and entrepreneurship empowerment.

Innovation Description

It is working gradually by we practicalizing it, we have started but we haven't gotten to our final destination.. Long term vision is to create massive employment opportunities across Africa through strategic agent supplies of commodities.

Competitive Advantage

The new perspective or methodology is that people's time can now be exchanged for their money, they get any commodity they want in less than 10minutes just by ordering for it via their phone and the closest agent receives the message that client in need of goods ,so he go to the nearest store to get it and get it delivered on time..The main goal is to meet people's needs as quick as possible..