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Ayiti Analytics

Haiti's first data science lab headquartered in the capital city of Port-au-Prince.


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Stage 3: Proof of Concept

Secured $14,500 in grant funding from the Roddenberry Foundation to launch the first Data Science Bootcamp in Haiti. Hired part-time staff. Secured major partnerships with Digicel Haiti. Hosted two public events for emerging data scientists in Haiti.

Focus Areas:

Youth, Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) and Data/Analytics

Youth, Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) and Data/AnalyticsSEE LESS

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Ayiti Analytics addresses the problem of youth unemployment in Haiti. The World Bank estimates that 30% of youth in Haiti ages 15-24 are without work but they are actively seeking employment. Existing job creation programs focus on industries like manufacturing and textile, but these have proven to be low-wage sectors that perpetuate cycles of poverty. As a result, Haiti experiences repeated waves of outward migration and stagnant economic growth as the most talented seek opportunities abroad.



Ayiti Analytics will provide data science training and education programs to connect youth in Haiti with in-demand tech jobs. By 2020, IBM anticipates a 28% growth for all jobs requiring data and analytics skills. This project leverages the growing demand for data scientists to provide Haitian youth with opportunities in the most disruptive sector of the 21st century (HBR, 2012). Graduates will go on to fill vacancies in telecommunications companies, banks, tech startups and nonprofits in Haiti.

Target Beneficiaries

This innovation impacts college-aged youth in Haiti (18 years old and up) who have an interest in data management careers. Our first Data Science Bootcamp will graduate 20 students. With this specific target population, they will not only support themselves with the increased earnings from our bootcamp and job placement program, they will also support their families. If we can guarantee employment for every student we train, the impact per dollar will be far reaching.

Mission and Vision

Ayiti Analytics provides training and job security to build up a middle class in Haiti and to transform lives. We envision our organization growing into a premier data science consulting firm, capable of hiring the analysts we train to conduct independent projects. Training youth in Haiti means creating sustainable jobs and supporting the livelihood of these individuals and their families.

Innovation Description

Ayiti Analytics is a data science lab focused on increasing analytical capacity in Haiti through education, consulting and research. To tackle the problem of unemployment in Haiti, we provide structured education programs in partnership with local institutions of higher education, and subsequently place graduates in high skilled jobs with local employers. Our flagship training program, the Port-au-Prince Data Science Bootcamp, is organized in partnership with Digicel Haiti. In addition to training youth, we place them in data-driven roles where they can provide direct analytical services to telecommunication companies like Digicel. Our range of educational services extends beyond the bootcamp to include free interactive meetups that we host every first and third Saturday of the month. Long-term, we intend to pursue other activities of applied analytics. Select graduates from our Data Science Bootcamp will be hired by Ayiti Analytics to provide direct consultation services to organizations in Haiti. Similar to the work pioneered by Data Labs around the world, Ayiti Analytics employees will be able to deploy machine learning techniques to improving our understanding of old and recurring problems in Haiti.

Competitive Advantage

Our approach is different in its very premise, promoting Haiti as a source of tech talent as opposed to just a source of unskilled labor. Organizations like the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) have for years funded manufacturing projects in Haiti, spending $224 million in 2012 to build an Industrial Park. This Park has not yielded the results promised, and the 6,000 of the initially projected 60,000 workers barely earn a living wage. Most employment generation programs in Haiti fall within this trap, investing in low-wage and low-growth sectors. What we propose in contrast provides access to meaningful employment and opportunities for social mobility. The impact per dollar is farther reaching and has the potential to break the cycle of poverty, as graduates from our training programs can expect to earn 5 times more than the national minimum wage of 500 HTG per day in data science and data engineering roles.

Planned Goals and Milestones

We are launching our flagship education program, the Port-au-Prince Data Science Bootcamp. The program is anticipated to run from March 9 through May 29, where we will train the first generation of data analysts in the country. Over the course of this three-month program, these emerging data scientists will receive mentorship from industry leaders, as well as the opportunity to work on applied projects.
Funding Goal150,000
Projected Cumulative Lives Impacted1,000
Recruit1 Principal Data Scientist, 3 consultants, 4 advisors
New FeatureBuild an application for crowdsourcing data collection in Haiti, develop mobile applications for other developing countries

The Team Behind the Innovation

Our executive team consists of the Founder and Executive Director, Castelline Tilus. Ms. Tilus founded Ayiti Analytics shortly after completing her Masters’ Degree in International Policy and Development. She now serves as the Stanford Women in Data Science (WiDS) Ambassador for Port-au-Prince. Morgan Mendis is the managing partner and Principal Data Scientist at Ayiti Analytics. He has 7 years of industry experience developing decision models and visualizations to communicate complex information.



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